Review of Course Articles

In order to carry out authentic research to find out the causes of mental problems to college students, a review of past research in this field is indispensable. This research will help the researcher to focus on the novel areas that have not been exhausted by other researchers. Previous research will also help the researcher know the recurring issues in this area. In addition, the researcher will also seek to employ new methods of study in the area. This will ensure that the conducted research is supported by other research that used other methodologies. Thus, the collected data will reflect the reality as it is on the ground.

In this review, I will look at those issues that contribute to poor mental health of college students. I will search for materials, such as text books, journals, and web sites that deal with students’ mental health. I will seek to establish a connection between different researches that have been carried out in the area of students’ mental health. In these research materials, I will focus on the external factors that lead to poor mental health of students and I will also focus on the internal factors that lead to a college student’s poor mental health.

I will start my paper with a definition of mental health. Then I will proceed to research on the external factors that contribute to poor mental health of college students. Such factors include family, relationships with friends, financial constraints, and climatic conditions among others. I will also focus on issues that are internal in the college in which the student is enrolled. These factors include things like study issues, pressure from professors, difficulty of the study subjects and hours of study among others. Moreover, I will conclude the review by summing up and drawing similarities and differences among the selected study materials.



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