Movie Review: Not Easily Broken

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The movie gives a story of life of two lovers, Clarice Johnson and Dave in the second decade of their marriage. Dave has a construction business that he started after getting an injury while in college. His dream of playing baseball ended there. Clarice is a very successful agent in real estate, and this makes them enjoy a comfortable life. However, as she tries to improve her career, she starts to ignore the needs of her husband, especially the need to be a father. Dave uses his free time mentoring kids of inner city as well as meeting with friends in the gym (Elliot, 2012). When Clarice got injured in a car wreck, her mother visits her and due to her bad experiences with men, she advises her daughter to run away from Dave when they have conflicts. The movie goes on well and shows when the pastor advices them during their wedding. He tells them that life will always beat them down, and they should put God as their third member in their marriage. The clergyman continues to tell them that the scripture says that a cord made of three pillars cannot be broken easily.

Therapeutic Implications

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The director tries to provide various lessons in the movie, which are very important in marriage life. First we are able to see the advice of a pastor; the ropes which are three. One rope for each member involved, and God as the third rope. This shows that without the third one, which represents God, the two people in marriage cannot be strong. The story starts with a couple which is first seen to love until later on problems started trickling in. Both sides have people misleading them in marriage not until they realize the importance of the third strand, God, when things start to be well for them. This is a lesson that married couples always have to keep God first.

Another one we get to learn from this movie is that couples should not let the earthly things come their way. Among them is the urge for Clarice to build up her career instead of being submissive to the husband. This has an effect in their marriage: they both feel offended by the other party. Again, the advice given to Clarice by her mother is not convincing. The mother uses own knowledge of her with men and compares other men with Dave, which should not be the case. Clarice is the one who knows her man better and, therefore, nobody is supposed to come their way (Larry, 2010).

The director also tries to show how marriage is important and that problems will always come to test the devotion the partners have to one another. The couple is shown to be very much willing to make up afterwards unlike in most cases where people will tend just to give up.

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Personal Implications

The movie is good especially for the married people who get to learn a lot of things that they could encounter in marriage life. I hence would recommend the film as it shows a marriage life as one that is important though there are obstacles that one faces. It also depicts how a priest uses the three-cord lesson to emphasize to the married couples that God is very important in their lives. This is evident when the two that is Dave and Clarice realize their mistakes and make up. I would use these lessons in marriage counseling, as they are the main problems that face married couples. However, the movie contains a lot of mild language may be used to bring to the audience a real feel of the movie and can bother Christians. 

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