Free Speech


The right to freedom emanating from speech is one which is clearly outlined and which states clearly that every person has those rights if it has no negative impact to the people and the government.Thisis a special attention given to all parties. This aspect is clearly stated in the constitution and one which is regularly used. There are rising claims that there is a proposed restriction on various messages uttered. These messages are claimed to have a considerable danger and poses as a threat to the government and those it concerns. The use of free speech is one which is now known to be the human rights. These are the rights that each citizen is entitled to.

The use of speech is one aspect that is widely used to pass information. This factor is one which is common to many. Free speech is an aspect where any individual has the right to talk about any aspect minding that the talk will not harm anyone. Considering the liberty offered to the people, the use of freedom of speech seems to be taking a different turn. This has been used as a passage to other values that intertwine with speech.The aspect of encroachment is one which is entirely being faced in speech. The use of speech means that one should not be interfered with despite the speech given. This aspect is one which seems to be changing with the rise of dawn.

Many researchers indicate that free speech is an aspect that seems never to exist. They claim that this is meant to be a cover-up for various gains. According to this aspect, the use of free speech is one which is giving a sign that speech is being directed in a political style. The constitution clearly states that speech should be a value which is independent but seems to be a prize that is political. These researchers claim that the use of speech is one which is in a way limited to those accredited to use it. The aspect of encroachment over this issue is one which seems to be headed to a heated controversy.

The use of speech is one aspect that can fuel war among different parties. The government must come in between to ensure that they control and regulate all speeches uttered by the media. The media being the most and widely used method of communication can lead to instigated fights. The media should ensure that it gives and releases the correct information so as to avoid any conflicts. This method of liberty is encroached with various factors that affect it including hate speech. This is an aspect which has brought various differences between individuals.

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Despite the free speech put in place, the government has found it a wise thing to impose regulations to all those who are involved in the passage of negative information which is going to cause fights and conflicts. This has led the government to impose heavy taxes and fines to those who are caught instigating fights. The different negative aspects that the government wants to end include hate speech, hatred, racial discrimination, blasphemy,seditionsand defamation. The government has supported its move citing that its vision is to see the continued growth of democracy and national improvement.

The aspects which are termed to be free are aspects which deal with the safety of the information conveyed. This means that the media has the right to do any publishing, make any broadcast and records distribution.This law does not only contain these factors but goes ahead to explain that each individual has the right to seek and get information. The law goes ahead to state that the citizen has the right to know and receive any relevant information that they want to know. The law also insists that the citizen has the right to give out information to whoever they want. This means that the information conveyed should be credible and reliable for all appropriate ages concerned. There is still unconfirmed distinction between what really speech is and what not speech is. There are some gestures and acts which may portray a greater aspect of speech which can be termed as illegal. This includes some scenes of rioters burning the respective flags of various organizations or nations. The aspect of free speech is one which was resultant from the press freedom.  This aspect means and entails that the press can project any liable and legal content to the public.

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Many have argued that democracy should not be a hindrance to the passage of information. Researchers claim that any information that is hidden by the government to the people is one which clearly outlines that democracy of that nation is not correctly followed. This aspect makes the people and the public to withhold information of various planned events. The aspect of truth gives the public a sense of truth that they can believe in their government. In case of any revolt, the public may let it out using the media. This makes everything that happens in the country accountable and any problem is handled quickly.Researchers after a series of studies concluded that social aspect and relation between different people can determine the level of speech in a nation. The interaction between different nations indicates that they have knowledge about the importance of communication.

The researchers claim that any intertwining and collision of this law with the other law causes a problem. This aspect means that all these rules should be parallel to each other.The researchers continue to admit that legal system is one which can cause mayhem to this freedom. The government as noted by many researchers claim that the government is the only institution which can offer a sanction which will be intended to protect many that may face harm from any disregards of the speech. This implies that the government should carry out a free trial to those who are convicted of sending negative messages which impose harm to the others.

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The aspect of free speech is one which has seen many face serious penalties after they go against it. Hate speech and racial discrimination are the most common issues that are associated with free speech.Variouspeople have found themselves in various conditions where they have to battle out the tasks that awaits them. One of the most known aspects of people who have found themselves in situations after bad use of this freedom includes Don Imus. Don was a famous radio presenter who had a career that many aspired to get. The show was one of the most listened in the nation.

Don Imus show was one which received a lot of listening and talk. The show that Don presented was known as ‘Imus in the morning’. This show was one which was enjoyed by many people. The show was one which made many mornings to be very mazing and fantastic. The only mistake that Don did was one which made him loose his career, morning show, and even the friendship between him and various organizations. Don misused the critical aspect of freedom which was granted to each citizen. Don made a mistake of using racial discriminating language towards various people and organization. This aspect is one which did not go well withthose in power and the government.

Don misused the language which is very sensitive when touched in an unprecedented way. Don made a mistake of insulting the basketball team of Rutgers. This aspect was one which did not go well with the government. The other aspect that Don did was that he talked about sexuality in his how to an extensive way. This aspect is one which made him apologize to the team of basketball of Rutgers. This aspect could have not happened if he literary knew the limits of his talks. This was one of the aspects which saw him loose his career and his morning show, a show which thrilled its listeners with various issues.

Don’s show is one was not dominated by him throwing all sorts of words to the public or various institutions but rather one which contained other topics. Some of the shows that Don raged on revolved around anything that was happening in the country. This implies that in his show there was a combination of talks which talked about politics. This show also focused on topics about any international happenings that happened. This implies that Don knew what was required of him and what kind of material to talk about in the radio. This aspect is one where Don may have wanted to test what and how the government would react. The public also was one whose reactions to a particular topic revolved around.

This show is one which saw various presidents and formerpresidents share a seat and converse with Imus. Presidents like Obama shared the seat with Imus in his show. This show is one which saw various candidates announce their candidaturein public before the normal campaigns started. This reality of celebrities ended when one morning the director of the show had a conversation with Imus concerning the games that had already escalated. A brief comment that tended to explain the basketball of Rutgers was one which changed the shoe permanently. The two presenters said and described the Rutgers team an aspect which made the management of all the organization that looked at the conducts of radio services terminate the show. The show was suspended following investigation to the case and which in the long run saw the show terminated forever.

This aspect is an aspect which led to an uproar against these claims that Imus had done.Researchers conducted indicated that Imus had constantly and in different situations talked about other issues that were worse compared to the little aspect where he described the Rutgers team. This aspect is one which tend to show what paths did Don cross and which were supposedly not supposed to be passed. According to the rules set, each individual has the right to support themselves if they are caught in an uptight position. This aspect is one which states that the listeners have a right to listen to all that they need to know.Political debates were not restricted, and that’s why various personalities participated in Imus show.

The laws of America states that the views presented over this media platform should not be used to show the discontented state of individuals. This aspect goes ahead to explain that all are free to express their views. As many researchers conduct their studies, many are stating that the government should include this aspect of individualism, and that it should appreciate the public to view out their personal details and information.This they claim that it will become compatible with the values stipulated. This aspect is one which is making the government accept this concept. This concept is one which, however, has changed as some speeches are not entitled and appropriate. This shows that there lacks absoluteness in this sector of speech.

The law that was set in place gave the media the permission to discuss an issue they felt in particular. This aspect made many like the idea as the board that emphasized on all these issues had decided to regulate this aspect and give them the chance to speak their issues. After this regulation, many saw it a step towards achieving democracy. This was one of the most appreciated methods of giving information and it gave rise to so many radio shows which spanned throughout the country.These stations promoted that political talks filled the air and this aspect led to participation from all people and also it accounted for deliberations.

These stations were known to talk about issues which revolved around women, the minorities and issues like homosexuality which affected the people. The researchersfound out that these radio stations hosted different people who comprised of the white who were in their middle ages and who were supporters of a political party. This aspect confirmed that this method of mediahad led to the creation of a path where speech was passed on and talked about. This speech is, however, debatable as the contents that it contained raised different questions. This aspect clearly shows that there is a conflict between speech and correctness of politicalissues.

The research that was conducted by various researchers saw that it was best for Imus to have retained his job. The many studies conducted revealed that Imus was a racist as the talks he spoke in the radio show contained this aspect. This is an aspect which made many people see that Imus should have been fired as he faced. This justifies that Imus should have regulated his talks. These researches found out that Imus was also a sexist. This claim is justified by the current speeches which he talked about in his shows. The researchers found out that Imus should have been more modest in the kind of words he used as it was received by the largest population.

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The case revolving around the Rutgers team was one which Imus should not have talked about. The researchers claim that Imus went far beyond what he was not supposed to go. The studies indicated that Imus crossed a path that emitted danger to him. Imus could have reconsidered that his speeches were based on issues which were not liablewith the government. This aspect is one which Don did not consider. This team did not deserve the kind of utterances that this presenter made on air. This aspect of the minorities being criticized is one factor that made Imus to taste unemployment. This is a line which he was not supposed to cross. The negative talk hurled towards the women is an aspect that is protected by the regulatory laws passed which aims at protecting the rights of those deemed to be minority.

This aspect made many of those who had placed advertisement retreat from advertising. This aspect is one which is not clearly evident whether it led to the stopping of the radio show or was there another factor attached to it. The many researches claim that the comments made by Imus raged from various aspects. This is a claim that goes further to explain that he had become accustomed to this aspect of talking anything that he felt like. This is an aspect that many newspaper articles wrote about to show his attitude towards all the areas he criticized. The studies conducted stated that the Rutgers team was one which deserved to be showed sympathy despite the ceremony that Imus gave them on air. This is an aspect where the team captain and manager stated that inflicted much pain to them. This is a comment that should have been posed to the high and mighty in the society. The judgment made claimed that various people are subjected to protection which if it is undermined, can ruin many. This is the aspect that followed Imus after a joke he spoke on his show. This was a sign that those people who are protected by the law can be fought for by the law.

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The aspect of freedom that is associated with speech is one which has brought controversy as many tries to understand the limits that the media cannot cross. This is as seen in the case of Imus which shows that those protected by the law can be fought for by law. This also shows that there are consequences that are associated with going against the law will have to face punishment. This is a teaching to all the media that it should use the freedom allowed to pass the correct information. The media should also be cautious as it passes information through means like the internet which has access to many people. The government should come clearly and outline the law regarding speech so that a better understanding is achieved. The explanation of what fields that freedom of speech rotates in should be explained. It’s upon the media to be very cautious in all what they feed to the public as the government may crack the whip on them if they blunder.



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