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Job Safety Analysis. Custom Job Safety Analysis Essay Writing Service || Job Safety Analysis Essay samples, help

Changing a burnt light bulb

Step one: study the bulb that is fixed in the socket so as to know it’s both its size and shape.

Possible hazard: if you don’t look at the wattage of the bulb and fix an inappropriate one, it may lead to low bulb-life or burning of wires.

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Solution: reading at the sticker since all bulbs have a sticker describing their wattage.

Step two: ascertain that the switch has been turned off before unscrewing the bulb from its socket.

Possible hazard: if the switch is not turned off, one may get a hock.

Solution: make sure that it is turned off.

Step three: after you have turned off the switch, give the bulb at least half a minute to cool down.

Possible hazard: a hot bulb may burn the fingers of the person changing.

Solution: after switching off the bulb, allow it cool.

Step four: unscrew the burnt bulb by turning it anticlockwise from the socket and dispose it correctly.

Possible hazard: if the bulb is resistant, caution must be taken since it may break and injure one’s fingers.

Solution: using a glove may prevent one from injuries associated with it.

Step five: fix a new bulb on the socket and turn it clockwise for it to hold.

Possible hazard: over-tightening the bulb may break it and injure one’s fingers.

Solution: one should use a glove to avoid injuries.

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Step six: put the switch on to ascertain that the new bulb is working.

Possible hazard: if the bulb is not working, one may be get a shock if tries to tamper with the wires.

Solution: one should contact a qualified electrician.

Job Safety Analysis. Custom Job Safety Analysis Essay Writing Service || Job Safety Analysis Essay samples, help

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