Product Description and Features Analysis

This is a newly invented product in the telecommunication services. There are a variety of products available in the market that offer similar services to the one described in this essay. The majority of products available in the market are the ordinary ones that only meet the basic requirement of any computer user. The common features of an ordinary computer include; storage of large volumes of data, typing, communication and teaching.

Other that offering the usual services of an ordinary user, some computers have moved a step further to ensure that the gadget are made user friendly. This is done by installation of additional software like Ms-word, Access, Excel for easy computation of figures, reminders, enable communication and ability to send messages through MMS, Bluetooth networks, different colors of wallpapers and to some extent they are internet enabled.

Data communication has of late become the order of the day. This is the reason why newly launched computers are equipped with all the data access facilities. The most limiting factor to most manufacturers is the storage size capacity, the processing power, connection speed. The Hp company products have overcome these challenges because their screen resolution and the processing power have been made faster and better. Most of can be the Hp company computers, used wireless modems to support data communication by connecting a computer set with the internet.

The speed of connection usually based on the support network. Initially, the data transfer services were enhanced by the use of a circuit switched data which had a bandwidth of about 9600 bits per second. It was normally billed by the period of connection. The introduction of the GPRS which operates on a totally different principle, and later came in the EDGE connection. They differ by the way in which the radio modulation and the data capacity are squeezed. They are both billed by the volume of data traffic transferred. These gargets are also equipped with the QWERTY keyboards on their systems and free download of the Opera mini browser and the wireless internet explorer.

In an effort to o ensure the safety of the Hp=-computers against the risk of being attacked by the viruses and worms, these computers have an operating system that is unique to the manufacturer. This has the benefit of making it harder for the rivals to design the brand’s technology when planning a mass attack. This ensure that most of the commonly shared operating systems and platforms like Microsoft, Linux and Java operating systems are avoided as they may increase the likelihood of virus attacks. However, the virus requires the intervention of the user for it to be propagated. Therefore, these features provide the user with a chance to verify any connectivity before it goes through the system.

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In most of the Hp-computer brands, there is a build-in digital camera (webcam) with a 12M pixel high resolution. This enables the user who might be interested in photo and video recording to have all these components at one’s disposal. It relieves the user the burden of carrying an extended video camera. It has therefore increased the number of video customers and the trade of citizen journalism.

Key features of the Hp-computer model.

To some Hp-model laptops have sure press touch screen- like a computer mouse, the users’ fingertips happen to be the cursor as the user navigates from one application to application. The screen opens when one locates and press the application that one want. Accuracy is made possible when the touch is made and the letter appears on the screen. This prevents double typing and enables the user become more efficient, productive and responsive. It has enabled a dynamic viewing and gaming experience. One surfs, play and watch in a portrait view of the gleaming touch screen without the use of the keyboard.

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Computer window media player- this application plays music, video and audio files. At some instances, there is the use of stereo head phones or speakers that are Bluetooth wired to play the music. One can be in a position to play, watch and enjoy the favorite playlist using their computers.

Computer maps- this is a feature that enables the user to find directions and locations. It is launched from the web and mails. Once a user enters a keyword on the system search location e.g. hotel, the nearby hotel’s location and direction is provided. This application helps the user to locate regions and physical features from different parts of the world as long as the system is internet connected.

Camera(webcam software) and video recording- this application lets the user take a picture either static or in motion. The pictures and images can also be viewed through the computer window high resolution display. They can be sent to a friend through the mail, Bluetooth service or even upload them to ones favorite social networking sites. There are other additional features to the digital camera like the digital zoom, self-portrait mirror or the built-in flash.

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Computer wallet- this is an application that allows one to speed the online purchasing process. Whenever a customer wants to purchase anything online, the customer’s information is automatically retrieved from the online database system. This information about the owner and his/her details is entered and stored previously. These applications help users to make sales and purchases overseas by the use of their computers whenever they are. It makes easy the process as there is less footwork involved.

Other computer software such as Microsoft office, adobe publishers, Corel draws, PowerPoint, access, excel, and other software, supports and enables the user to perform multiple oparations.

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