Analysis of ICS

The author has provided a critical and even analysis of the Incident Command System (ICS). The reasons behind the application of the Incident Command System are to provide an interconnection of organizations to provide a better response approach to problems. In this effect, the system has proved somewhat impressive as is seen in the case of the Exotic Newcastle Disease (END). END was a compelling selection made by the writer, with the aim of testing the ICS since it fits the description of a crisis. Such a situation created an excellent proposal for a investigation that was to be carried out by different organizations. The study showed that ICS was an appropriate response system in times of crisis since it utilized a wider range of resources to find a solution to a common problem.

The ICS, as a system, incorporates fundamentals of both hierarchy and networks. As such, it gives the correct chain of command to issue in the event of an emergency and prescribes the interaction between the various functions within it (Moynihan, 2007, p. 37). This is useful because it ensures the success of the response strategy in any situation. ICS has a few weaknesses though. One weakness is that the larger the crises, the larger the network and thus the harder it is to control the member organizations. If a crisis changed rapidly, it limits the ability of the central command feature of the ICS. The ICS focus should have a high capacity to deal with a wide range of problems, which may be of differing magnitudes. This ensures that the organization is well placed to deal with any situation.

Therefore, it would be prudent to give credit where it is required. In this situation, analysis and recommendations of the author has proven competent enough to a response system that should be perfectly implemented. This should, however, be done with both its hierarchical and system aspects in mind.



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