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Symbolic Interactions Perspective Media Analysis

Symbolic interaction in the society interprets the social path that is usually followed by the society in interpreting their social behavior. These interpretations usually define the interpersonal communication as the interactions between persons with a media that interposes their communication. These interactions usually do emphasize the meaning that is passed from person to another, giving a comprehensiveness of how society interacts.

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The TV program NCIS shows the introduction of Ziva David as an agent under probation in the agency. Ziva killed her half brother, who turned rogue killing an agent and almost killing another one.  By saving the life of agent Gibbs, she is given an eventual assignment to the Gibbs team, who were still grieving for the death of their agent killed before the arrival of Ziva. Ziva’s actions proved that she really was a reliable agent of the NCIS, and should not be perceived otherwise. This way she earned herself respect as a competent agent in NCIS where she had to work with agent Gibbs in a liaison of Mossad at her agency. The termination of her liaison mission sent her as an undercover agent where she was involved in an explosion as she is seen unconscious in the scene. This is where it is revealed that she was working to uncover a mole in her agency.

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Ziva had returned to Israel, and was sent on a mission to Somalia. This is where one of her two fellow agents was killed, and the other one was wounded; prompting her to continue with the mission alone. As a result, she was captured, and tortured. She was believed to be dead, but she re-emerged having being rescued by agent Gibbs, who killed her captors.

There is the creation of an environment that is influencing information interpretation in varying degree evoking the emotions of the viewers because of the direct relationship between the two. Ziva displays herself as being empathetic to children as she is seen taking care of an orphaned child. She is seen taking care of the child in the NCIS building at her desk. The symbolic character shapes the social behavior that helps people to understand their environment and the adaptation of the physical objects in the environment which they interact with at a particular time. Even though nothing is revealing in these episodes, the emotions in Ziva indicate that she is close to Tony and Gibbs.  This is manifested by the relationship between Tony and Ziva, which has recurring themes in the episodes that they are interested in one another. Tony had even gone on a mission to avenge for her death because he believed that Ziva had died at the hands of her captors.

Though there is limited cue in the NCIS communication people still tend to present their nonverbal symbols in their messages. The identity of a person is always identified by the relationship of the nonverbal language communicated to the society and the perceived action. This movie series shows Ziva as a highly trained assassin taking lives without hesitations as the situation dictated which did not change even joining the NCIS. She is also described to be playful as depicted in the movie, her running to tell Tony about the meeting of Gibbs father.

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The introduction of symbols in the messages that are conveyed through the media usually depicts the characters as the symbols give a comprehensive meaning to the receiver of the message. These nonverbal commutations are shared by a specific class in the society because no two people can interpret the meaning of a symbol to have the same meaning. The many messages that are conveyed through these communications do not always capture the personality of the person. The physical appearance make the interpretation of the message result to exaggeration as the interpreter tries to visualize the personality of the person, and the message conveyed.

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