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“Jesus Take the Wheel”

Carrie Underwood wrote the song "Jesus takes the wheel,” a ballad, telling the experiences of a woman in need of help from Jesus during a time of emergency. Eventually the woman allowed Jesus to take control over her life. Therefore, this essay covers the meaning of the lyrics of the song "Jesus takes the wheel" based on the visual meaning and the textual meaning used. Carrie Underwoord has used an ironic tone and imagery to describe her life and a lovely arrangement of pictures of the video, covered in the album, to describe the life mortals in the earth (Underwood 1).

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The main theme illustrated by Underwoord is suffering. The woman had been experiencing miseries in her life, and was low in religious faith, as well. The problems she had contributed to the irresponsible driving on the road. Underwood says that the woman never paid attention to the road, hence making the car lose control and later she realized that they had hit the ice. Therefore, her life and that of her baby were in danger. Thus, because of suffering, the woman decided to take refuge in Jesus to comfort her. She wanted Jesus to assist her during the time of emergency and control her life. The lyrics of the song in the first verse states that “One night on a Christmas Eve, and her baby on the back seat, the woman was going to visit her parents,  and while driving on a snow covered road, she began to sort out her emotions by not having sufficient time to do things that are necessary”. The first verse describes how she had a lot in her mind, and she did not pay attention. Thus, Underwoord has used emotions to provide a tone on her lyrics in the ballad. She explains the woman was irresponsible while driving, because she was carried by emotions. Shortly after realizing that she was in trouble, she left the wheel and cried to Jesus for help. Underwood has provided a clear meaning to the title of the song by emphasizing on the title, Jesus Take the Wheel, in the second verse. (Underwood 1).

The setting of the song is on a road. Underwood says that the woman was driving late in the night to visit her Daddy and Mommy. At this time of the year, many people travel to meet family members and the loved ones. In addition, during the Christmas Eve, most people are involved in the road accident due to the careless and irresponsible driving. The writer has used this setting to make readers grasp the situation in which the woman was involved. The setting describes the location of the song, other factor considered in the setting includes the time of the day (Shephard 4), and it was dark when the woman was driving on the road. The setting describes all aspects of the physical environment. In addition, the setting enhances other elements such as the tone, mood, as well as the choice of words (Shephard 6).

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The pictures feature Underwoord performing in various backgrounds, ranging from the living room, the shelves, sitting on the chair and standing by the wall. The plot also includes pictures of a woman, a young couple, as well as an older couple comforting a baby. The sufferings they face include fights over bills, and domestic problems, such as feeding the wife. According to Underwood, the most favorite part in the video is evident when the old woman is depicted when holding her husband’s hands.

Underwoord has also used symbols in her song. For instance, the wheel has been used to give a meaning of a device that is used to give direction, this implies that the woman has been experiencing a hectic life and was subjecting her suffering to Jesus by giving Him the wheel to take control over her life situation. This song explains the difficulty that the woman had been experiencing in managing her own life and her child’s life, as well. Furthermore, Underwood has made use of configurative language in the song. The woman is so much overwhelmed with the outcome of her life. In addition, the use of configurative language in this song also symbolizes the life of mortal on earth where human beings entirely depend on God for His Grace and love.

Readers are able to understand that human beings are fond of seeking affection on the material substances, rather than God's protection; hence, many people forget about God when they are living a comfortable life, as well as, a happy relationship. Underwoord described the woman’s experience while driving late in the night. She got into problems, which were out of her control; hence, she resorted to help from Jesus. Underwood describes a character that is low in religious faith. The woman realized that she needed help from God at the exact moment that she got into problems and after realizing that she was unable to control the situation. Thus, Underwood stated that, the woman thought that Jesus could handle the wheel and help her steer back into safety. She also asked Jesus to help her life after realizing that He assisted her in making her way out of the trouble she was facing.

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In conclusion, the song indicates that people will only remember God, particularly when drowned by depression and problems in life. This is the point when man will seek for help from God, after which there will be no prayers for God’s assistance. This song has a meaning to deliver to the readers that, in whatever we do here on earth, God’s Will is going to be done.

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