Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler was a play that was written by Henrik Ibsen. The play was first played in 1891 in Germany, initially all that people gave negative reviews of the play but with time people have come to appreciate its message. In the play the character of Hedda is seen by critics as the character that has a lot of dramatic role in the field of theatre, the portray of Hedda by the play have been very controversial. Depending by the interpretation of the viewer, Hedda is portrayed as a heroine who has the good of the society at heart to some, to others she is a manipulative woman, to others she is someone who is seen to a victim of circumstances and to other she is a feminist. She is seen as a feminist as she does not use her married name which is Hedda Tesman but opts to use her maiden name.

In the play Hedda does not love his husband Tesman and only married him because her life is boring. When there is a competition between Tesman and Lovborg for the position of professorship in the university, Hedda uses some tactics to ensure that Lovborg does not get the position. The reason for Hedda doing this is to ensure her expensive lifestyle is maintained since the competition meant that Tesman will not be financially able to support Hedda’s expensive life. They later learnt that Lovborg has no interest in the professorship.

Hedda breaks the friendship of Mrs. Elvsted and Lovborg, by making Lovborg drunk. Lovborg while drunk loses his great work which is found by Tesman. Hedda encourages Lovborg to commit suicide and even offers a pistol, while all along she knows where the work is. Tesman eventually kills himself. Due to the case Hedda also commits suicide so as to avoid a sexual affair with the judge.

Header is a character that arouses sympathy in the way she fights for herself against Judge Brack, she even shoot in the direction of the judge who attempted to rape her. Hedda also ends up committing suicide in one of her small rooms due to pressure. Hedda arouses scorn to the reader by the way she is portrayed in the play, she always gets her way, like she influences Lovborg into committing suicide, and she enters into a feud with Lovborg so as to ensure her expensive lifestyle is maintained by the husband.



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