The Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables


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The consumption of fruits is highly recommended based on the health benefits that accrue with such a lifestyle. This has led to questions on whether people consume enough fruits and vegetables. Personally, I feel that I consume enough fruits and vegetables. Coming from a religious background, I have learnt the worth of fruits and vegetables. This position is reinforced by my academic background in nursing.

Juicing is significant in health terms. This is critical in terms of helping people to achieve healthy lifestyles. Thus, towards leading an energetic, optimal and radiant health is possible through juicing.  Processing or cooking food contributes towards the destruction of micronutrients. Thus, the practice is highly recommended.

It is very sad that only 5% of the American diet is made of fruits and vegetables (Ward-Smith, 2010). It is necessary to motivate people by sensitizing them on the value of consuming the products. Another option could involve making the products cheaper.

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The worth of fruits and vegetables cannot be overstated. The benefits are widespread as each healthcare practitioner appreciates. Fruits and vegetables offer a significant amount of minerals and vegetables which are useful to the health of human beings. As any other person, I have to consume enough fruits and vegetables to improve my health status. However, I feel that I do not consume enough of these products because of the difficulties involved in accessing them.

The practice of juicing is of great concern to health care practitioners. People are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles. Leading healthy lifestyles is crucial towards guaranteeing a person’s health. Juicing allows an individual to lead a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, I approve juicing.

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The consumption of fruits and vegetables is low despite the value of the products. Perhaps the poor level of consuming low fruit and vegetable products explains why the American society is affected highly by lifestyle diseases (Ward-Smith, 2010). To improve the consumption of fruits and vegetables, I propose the introduction of fruit and vegetables stalls across the country to ease accessibility of the products. I also encourage healthcare practitioners to advocate for healthy living.

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