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Denver is surrounded by a number of neighborhoods. Capitol Hill, referred at most times as Uptown, constitutes one of them. It is situated at the center of downtown Denver in a place called East Denver. The population of this city is diverse and as a result, to characterize the population, it requires more than a solitary demographic consideration. The affordability, architectural designs and the metropolitan disposition of Capitol Hill made this neighborhood attractive to people of various races, especially the young. This resulted to a slow but sure gentrification of the neighborhood that heightened in the subsequent years.

The population of Capitol Hill neighborhood constitutes about 3.44% of the entire population of Denver. In the modern time, this city is experiencing developmental revolution and gratification, with a lot of residential increment and appraisals of industries. It is the most populated neighborhood compared to the other neighborhoods and its population is cosmopolitan. The city harbors numerous cultural amenities, clubs, stores and restaurants, hence its reference as an artist’s sanctuary. In addition, Capitol Hill household entities are about 82.67% tenant-occupied as compared to Denver’s 43.63% tenant-occupied household components. It is known for its remarkable landmarks as it harbors Denver’s influential families (Zimmer 2009).

Capitol Hill demographics

Capitol Hill experiences numerous crimes on a daily basis. These crimes range from drug dealings and street crime which have significantly led to a decline in the glory of this city. In the past, Denver was a very big city with no security issues. However, this scenario was altered when Denver’s neighborhoods started experiencing developmental advances that resulted to a population surge. Most areas in the vicinity of the city, such as the famous unsinkable Molly Brown’s House and the Capitol State of Colorado have become vulnerable due to crack operations in the streets which have become rampant (White 1996). Drug merchants persistently continue to walk in the streets in close immediacy to places that could form some of Capital Hill neighborhood’s celebrated sights and prospective attraction sites for tourists. The rate of criminal activity in this city is 212 episodes per 1,000 persons, which escalates the national standard.  These activities range from violent crimes to property crimes as highlighted in the table below: - (“Piton’s www community facts”, n.d).   

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North Capitol Hill

% Property Crimes

% Violent Crimes

Crime Rate per 1,000 Persons

Burglary Crime Rate per 1,000 Households

Violent crime rate per 1,000 Persons

The rate of criminal activities in Capitol Hill has been on a constant increase over the past years. This situation has led to the exposure of a large population of people living in this city. The increase in criminal activities is attributed to social changes and impact that is effected by industrial revolution. Even though the rate of criminal activities has increased in Denver city as a whole, the rate of crimes that are committed in Capitol Hill neighborhood has become more alarming compared to the other neighborhoods of this city. Within this year alone, there has been an increase from 48% to 78% in reported offences in Capitol Hill. The rate of property transgressions has also increased in this neighborhood as compared to the whole city. The table below highlights the report findings concerning crime rates in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill (“Larryhotz www denver-relocation”, n.d).

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The affordability of houses and the proximity of downtown have played a big role in encouraging people to live in this city. As a result this has greatly contributed to increase in criminal activities. This has prompted the police department to act in order to curb this menace. Their efforts have led to the arrest of culprits who mostly associate with gangs in the streets to carry out illegal drug business. This has helped in lowering the rate of criminal activities in Capital Hil. The police have also been engaged in warning the public of the dangers involved in visiting the street walks, which are the main drug centers. The enforcement of laws that are against criminal offences have also been taken into consideration (Dinar 2002).

Last but not least, citizens of Capitol Hill have also been involved in the neighborhoods consolidated plan, which is concerned with the community’s input on the issue of crime. In this plan, citizens are availed the opportunity to express and share their judgments with regard to the handling of crime matters in the neighborhood. They are also involved in coming up with methods of attaining community development. Some of the methods which have been employed include: investigating low-income citizens so as to familiarize with the problems that they are facing, provision of communication channels and formation of organizations which assist in rehabilitation of the crime affected individuals.

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