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Critical Analysis of a Print Advertisement

Critical Analysis of a Print Advertisement

The US Surgeon categorized those who smoke cigarettes as being addicted to nicotine. Furthermore, nicotine is depicted being in the same category as cocaine and heroin. One is left wondering as to whether these considerations have been taken in developing the above print advertisement. On the other hand, the U.S Department of Health Education and Welfare has figured out that the smoking of tobacco is responsible for an estimated 434, 000 deaths annually. In the light of this revelations, many still believe that the figure might be below the exact mark and that tobacco related deaths are much higher than anticipated. Can we therefore conclude that the advertisement is a death message to the general public and to those who smoke cigarettes? The department also notes that smoking is one of the greatest causes of premature deaths in the United States and it is likely to cause the death of one in every five deaths.

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Benefit of the Poster to the audience

As much as there have been public outrage over smoking of cigarettes in public, Tipalet users an advertisement illustrated above to show its consumers that the smoke from the cigarette can easily prompt a lady to follow. In doing so, the organization tries to persuade its customers that its smell is even welcoming to other people and as a result, cannot pose any threat to them. Furthermore, the gesture of the lady in admiring the man tries to suggest that she has already been convinced on how the smell is addictive. The phrase, “Blown on her face and she’ll follow you anywhere”, tries to imply that ladies feel at ease with the tobacco smell released from the cigar.

A provocative sentiment

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The sentiment or phrase is the advertisement is also a way of provoking those who do not like associating with cigarettes to try it out and see whether it works when in the company of women. Those who have already quitted smoking are brought back with an encouraging sense of consolation where they feel that the pleasure got from smoking Tipalet is relaxing as well as consoling. The provocative sentence in the advertisement is a way of attracting more consumers into the industry as well as getting those who are not associated with it to try it out.

The advertisement is direct

One way of attracting customers is to be straight and to the point in what an organization is trying to market out. The poster is not characterized with so many wordy words that might make consumers lose interest. The direct advertisement already spells out that Tipalet is a form of cigarette that will not provoke the opposite sex and that one can easily consume it in their presence. The advertisement also illustrates the need of promoting relationship as is evident in the poster.

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The reader is being given useful information

The useful information carried out in the banner signifies that one can only feel the significance of Tipalet by tying it out. Those who negatively perceive cigarettes are given an opportunity to first realize its comfort when taken with people who are close to you. The advertisement further supports the fact that the company does not intend to cause any harm with the cigarette but it is a typical one that can be used when in a meeting or social gathering. The advertisement also serves to inform the target that Tipalet offers an opportunity to share good moment with the loved ones as they look out for effective solution in life. 

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