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Critique. Nursing

Group C

According to Vroom’s motivational theory, nurses’ performance is at its best when the main motivational factor is reward. As the author reveals, nurses would want to achieve more as long as they are promised a given reward.  However, the idea that nursing education or job satisfaction is based on this theory is questionable as nurses will put extra effort no matter the level of education or if they landed their dream job as their main aim is receiving reward. Going for advanced degrees reflects the desire for better pay and promotions. Joining of professional nursing organizations is motivational as nurses air their preferences on what they require to work. The author further excels by highlighting how it is necessary to implement this theory to enable nurses to put in extra effort hoping to be recognised.

Group B

Communication is essential to ensure that tasks are done as required. Delegation is effective only when the superior knows who is best suited for the task. The writer does well by observing that a registered nurse has to effectively communicate to make known to the assistant what is to be done. Even with delegation of work, the superior need to make follow-ups on the progress of tasks to ensure nothing goes wrong. The fault is majorly on the registered nurse who did not know the capabilities of the assistant although he was aware of the situation of the patient. In the event that the RN was trying to give the assistant more experience, the RN should have delegated to two nursing assistants. On the other hand the nursing assistant should identify her limits and avoid going through the procedure. The task being practical, the assisting nurse should have consulted either another assisting nurse who was aware of the procedure. It’s therefore necessary to understand each employee before delegation as observed.



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