Comparison of Zenobia and Me

Zenobia was a third century Roman-Syrian queen who is famous for her exclusively courageous actions including leading a revolt against the Roman Empire. She was the wife of king Odaenathus, and became the queen of the Palmyrene Empire after the death of her husband. She courageously conquered other nations like Egypt, thus expanding her empire significantly. She took control over Egypt until 274 AD and was later on defeated and taken hostage by Emperor Aurelian, the then Roman emperor. Her courage, persistence, power and to add on the fact that she was a famous and strong queen makes her not similar to me. To add on am not a royal descendant as she were.

Unlike me, Zenobia is a royal descendant.  Zenobia was a descendant of Dido, the queen of Carthage, Sampsiceramus, the supreme emperor of Emesa and Queen Cleopatra vii of Egypt. This probably was the fact that inspired her to greatness, of which I am not a descendant of any royal family although I can proudly say I come from a wonderful family. At one point, she described Egypt as her land of ancestry. She also had good knowledge of the ancient Egyptian language.

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The second reason why I think I am not similar to Zenobia is the fact that she was a family woman, which definitely I am not. She had married Odaenathus, the then king of Palmyra as the second wife and had a son Lucius Julius. The fact that she was a mother and a widow but still made it to be one of the famous queens in history is not only amazing but also courageous. The fact that I am still not married and still does not have the courage to do what she did in her reign as queen clearly shows the difference between the two of us. Probably the assassination of her husband and stepson, so she had to come in strong to step in for her departed husband. Someone from the royal family just had to step in.

Zenobia’s courage also distinguishes her completely from me. She attained the title "Warrior Queen" after she violently conquered Egypt with the assistance of her Egyptian ally, Timagenes. She was an able horse rider and she could walk with her soldiers physically for three to four miles. She and her large army were able to conquer many nations apart from Egypt. She was able to make her way through Anatolia, Ankara, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.  This greatly displayed her as not only a strong woman but also a very courageous one, which is very different from me especially by the fact that I have never conquered anywhere even though I can say I am courageous enough to have a close uncle with bipolar disorder. In addition, the fact that she refused to surrender even after being defeated also displays her as a courageous person.

Zenobia was extremely ruthless which I am not. During the invasion of Egypt, Tenagino Probus and his massive army tried to put up a resistance. Zenobia and her army fought Probus and captured him. She personally beheaded Probus. This displayed her as an extremely ruthless character, which I proudly say I am not. Beheading a family man in public is surely an act of ruthlessness. She also conquered nations to continue the legacy of her husband after his assassination. Even though I closely love my family and my closest uncle has bipolar disorder, I would never hurt someone for them.

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Despite her living in the old days, she was very intelligent and knowledgeable. Zenobia grew up in a royal family; she had access to teachers and scholars who taught her about all aspects of the world. A narrative said she lived on to become a philosopher. This also displayed her as being immensely knowledgeable unlike me. She was able to write inspiring articles that are being used to date because of the great intelligence and knowledge that she had. I can say i have attained a lot of knowledge at nineteen but I just cannot compare with all that knowledge she had.

Zenobia was a war genius of whom I am not obviously, because we live in very different times with very different goals. She led a big army and conquered big nations. She could walk on her feet for three to four miles leading her army to war. She was very good in horse riding. I have never led an army nor fought in any war myself. This is a very big difference between her and me. She also had prowess in swords and could face men directly and fight them to the ground with her sword. Her extremely good skills in war displayed by the fact that she knew when to attack and conquer a nation and that her invasions were well planned. That is the reason why she could conquer a nation easily.

Zenobia had the ability of speaking many languages. Despite being a Syrian, she was fluent in roman and ancient Egyptian language. This is totally opposite of me because I am only fluent in English. It is also because of her multilingual ability that she could conquer a nation easily (that is Egypt by example). It helped her know what the enemy side planned and could easily make her own plans based on what she heard them saying. This is one of the reasons that make me conclude that I cannot match her linguistically prowess.

The fact that she was a famous and strong queen is also among the differences between her and me. I could honestly say, put in her shoes, I could never understand how she conducted many of her duties. I could never know how to balance royalty and family matters. That is the duties as a mother, a widow and crowning it whole duties of a queen. Despite being a family woman, she could go to wars and come back with victory. She could behead people who put up resistance without caring about what other people will think about her actions. In the war field, she was ruthless but back at home she had to be a mother to her son. I do not think I could manage the two or more roles she had to play.

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The fact that she descended from a wide ancestry also makes her greatly different from me. There are claims that she had Arabic decent according to Arabic literature were she is known by the name AL-Zabba. Despite this, there are sources that claim she was born and raised in Syria. She was also been referred to as Zenobia by Latin and Greek writers. Roman articles refer to her as Julia Aurelia Zenobia.  This portrays that either she had a wide ancestry or so many people want to associate with her. Through this we can say that she was a very famous historical figure of which I am no or at least am not yet.

Despite the fact that she was woman, a beautiful one to add on, she carried herself like a man. Word is that she could drink, ride horses and hunt with her soldiers. I have never tried to carry myself around doing things that men do to add on I do not drink. This is a clear difference between her and me. It is just unlike women to take part in war. It is also unlike women to lead armies into war and slay men in public. She had so much courage, which I could say she had a man’s heart in a woman’s body. This is totally unlike me in every aspect.

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