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Inner Beauty

There is an old proverb stating that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. These words are clear and true concerning every human being. One is attractive to some people while others see nothing beautiful in him/her. The inner and outer beauty plays an important role in peoples’ life as the others help to fulfill their desires. Both inner and outer beauties are important in a person’s life. In case one of them is amplified more than the other, discrimination is likely to arise from the surrounding people. The physical beauty and the beauty lying within an individual are sensed and seen. In life, both outer and inner beauties are important as assets. The most important factor is managing to balance both of them so that to enhance opportunities which attribute to an individual’s goals and uniqueness. Inner beauty should not be left to stand alone since it outshines outer beauty and vice versa. It depends on what the individual considers beautiful. However, there are common characteristics which most people consider when determining beauty. Inner beauty is related to a person’s personal traits, sense of humor, and habits. A person with inner beauty understands, assists when help is needed, and believes in possibility when others see impossibility. Those people who have inner beauty defend those with no defender and stand for what is just. On the other hand, outer beauty outlines the features, elegance, complexion, or figure. A person with outer beauty only is selfish, arrogant, greedy, and proud. Therefore, inner beauty is more important than outer one and can survive on its own (Kahlil 14).

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Individuals possessing inner beauty have forward-looking and positive personalities. They have a wide category of interests and are well-read. These people are honest, polite, and respectful. They also harbor an insight, intuition, awareness, radiance, and empathy. In other words, these individuals have sincere interests in life. One can rarely meet a person with inner beauty (Roizen 56). The shimmer in their eyes added with soft, innocent, and sincere smile reminds everybody around of a person looking at all people and all things with the same enthusiasm, curiosity, interest, and wonder. These qualities is an inherent part of a child. Inner beauty is manufactured from within just like the outer beauty is created from without. The main difference that makes inner beauty more important than outer one is the fact that outer beauty is fleeting and temporary while inner beauty is radiant and permanent (Keats17). To create the inner beauty within an individual, one requires a genuine interest in self-improvement and self-instruction which are the factors highlighting and stroking genuine inner beauty. In fact, inner beauty encompasses the disciplines which the ancient initiate embraced. Additionally, self-instruction empowers individuals to become well-informed, aware, and well-read. Self-improvement is the development, harvesting, and cultivation of the inner spiritual self (Kahlil 21).

Outer beauty is portrayed in the skin and the figure and fades away with time whereas the inner beauty is permanent. In this case, one may ask, “How is an invisible trait considered as beauty?” Inner beauty is invisible but the most important aspect of a human being as it increases its beauty day in day out. Unlike outer beauty which fades away with time and aging, inner beauty increases its value as times passes. It is a fact that people are concerned with the outer beauty first seeing somebody (Panek 191). A person is judged whether he/she is beautiful or not within the first five minutes of meeting. However, the perception is changed after spending more time with the individual. One understands the habitat and traits of the person and comes up with a conclusion whether there is inner beauty or not. A physically or externally beautiful person is sometimes hard to deal with especially if the individual has a terrible personality (Roizen 282).

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As Gibran Kahlil stated, beauty is not found in the face but in the heart. It does not matter how externally beautiful a person is. If the individual has a terrible personality and seemingly has many friends, they are likely to benefit from that person getting provisions they cannot afford or that person is very wealthy. In the case when such an individual ceases providing for his/her friends, they do not want to maintain this friendship any more. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, ugliness is also a personal perception. Nevertheless, both outer beauty and ugliness are skin deep. The most important factor is the inner beauty which determines whom the person is, how he handles issues, and what friends he has (Kahlil 19).

In the current society, it is convenient to amend anything that seems physically unattractive, for example, surgery and makeup. There exist limitations on the number of physical flaws that can be covered. However, true beauty is something intrinsic that must be natured. Individuals’ perception of values and morals as well as personality and character determines true inner beauty. Therefore, it is the shaping of one’s eccentric features that molds inner beauty rendering a person beautiful irrespective of physical appearance. However, people ought to understand that the inner beauty must be necessarily complemented with being presentable, looking presentable as well as dressing up properly. Having inner splendor is not a justification to scrimp on outfits as well as, for example, the necessary accessories, hairstyle, and make-up.  This is because impressions count; no one will bother to let you know that you are beautiful if you do not make a good impression first. Looking presentable as well as creating a good impression is a noble start although inner beauty is what makes that good impression last (Panek 42).

You do not have to possess supermodel guises or be super slim. If you are beautiful from the inside, beauty permeates onto your miens and improves the splendor you have all along. Although it might not be noticed easily, inner splendor is a thing that fascinates people as compared to just outer attractiveness alone; it makes a lasting impression. A really beautiful person is one who has the inner beauty and then the outside beauty. Conclusively, without substance, an individual is nothing but a void shell (Keats 34).

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In conclusion, inner beauty is a permanent and clean truth. Additionally, it is the wholesome beauty expression which the soul offers. Outer beauty is sometimes used to gain temporary and instant fulfillment in the physical jurisdiction whereas inner beauty is like a spiritual magic that enables an individual to enjoy everlasting satisfaction in every realm: mental, spiritual, and physical. Inner beauty is a hypnotic and warm glow that emanates from a magical spark which burns deep within an individual possessing it. It is a divine spirit that is not manufactured. It is astonishing how the inner beauty makes an individual radiate a heart-stopping enthusiasm and an attractive glow. It is a perpetual quality that makes a person possessing it interesting, trustworthy, welcome, and desirable.

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