Why Education Isn't a Top Priority?

Nowadays, there is an upsetting world-wide tendency of depreciation education’s value at the governmental level. We can observe that the vast majority of countries tend to invest their finance in their infrastructure or armed forces rather than in the development of education. For some reasons, governments consider education to be at the bottom of the list of the society’s important aspects. In reality, it is education that enlightens any nation and leads it to thrift and common well-being. And vice versa, today, the lack of proper education prevents so many nations from development in the future. So, why does it happen  that something such important is being neglected nowadays?

Ignorance Is Convenient

Probably, the main reason why education doesn’t receive proper from authorities is that they are not interested in enlightening the population of their country. Moreover, from their perspective, it is quite dangerous when a high percentage of people get’s high-quality education because it changes the way people think. It broadens the mind and makes a person willing to resist and to fight for their rights. On the contrary, uneducated people are much easier to rule. Uneducated people don’t tend to question or doubt anything. Rather convenient, isn’t it?

Education Is Intrinsic

One more reason, which leads to education’s being of low priority, is that this aspect of a society is almost invisible comparing to such aspects as economy or military. When authorities invest big sums of money in something, they want it to be seen by others immediately. Developing and launching a state-of-the-art missile or implementing a huge infrastructural program is something that takes billions of money and attracts a big deal of publicity. Thus, those who invest big sums of money are eager to brag about their achievements as quickly as possible, whereas the positive changes in the area of education need a lot of time to become visible.

Unfortunately, residents of many countries are deprived of proper education simply because it does not coincide with personal interests of those who are in power.


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