Linux vs. Windows

The era of technology has changed our daily life much. Furthermore, it affects each sphere and changes it. For instance, do you remember when you put your notes down by your hand at the last time? Thus, everyone should know at least general info about programming. The aim of this article is to compare pros and cons of such popular software tools as Linux and Windows for programmers and average users.


Everyone knows that Linux is a free type of software; sometimes it is called a "distribution" software. Windows is a commercial product, for which you have to pay if you want to get more than a basic package. Thus, Linux is a better variant for ordinary users, because they get a quality software for  free. Of course, if we talk about big IT corporations, they never mind on the price of their software, so it does not matter for them. They can use both Linux and Windows according to their needs.

Additional Components

Many programmers argue that Linux has a flexible list of editors, assemblers, and compilers, and tools, which they use every day in their work. Windows also has the package of such components. However, usually, you need to pay for them separately or once per year.  Of course, Windows is a more customized product and better suits for daily user work. However, it still depends!


This aspect would be valuable for programmers especially. Linux is a well-built software for programming. It includes many various programming languages, for instance, Ruby, which belongs to the most popular ones nowadays. Of course, Windows also has the same list of programming languages; however, often you have to choose each one by yourself and pay for it separately. Thus, Linux, thanks to its versatility, is a little bit better for programming, as you can use various approaches for creating program tasks.

To sum up, both Linux and Windows are great examples of software, which many people use! Of course, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages that you have seen above. Choose the one that suits you the best!



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