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Analyzing a literary work can be complex. That is why we post the example of literary analysis essay so that you could understand how to write it correctly.

The Hero and His Moral Complexity  

From the first sight, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an interesting tale about children and their leader, Tom Sawyer, who get into different troubles. However, if one analyzes this tale deeper, it becomes obvious that it is an example of the real damage resulted from completely innocent adventures. The protagonist of the narrative is Tom Sawyer. He persuades Ben Rogers to wash the fence. Tom Sawyer convinces Potter to go to the court for the crime that was not committed by Potter, and Tom is aware of this fact. The main character keeps on lying to his aunt. Moreover, Tom Sawyer makes all the citizens believe that he and his friends have sunk.

Yet, Tom manages to save Potter. In addition, he regrets all the inconveniences and pain he has caused. It is difficult to judge the main character because he hurts people and at the same time, regrets about his actions. 

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It is absolutely logical to state that Tom should be forgiven because he is a child. Tom Sawyer realizes that all the things he does have negative consequences and starts regretting about them. In addition, Tom tries to correct everything and makes all those people he has hurt feel happier. On the contrary, it is difficult to say that Tom would never repeat all those bad actions. When Becky and Tom almost die in the cave, he still takes Huck to this cave in order to find some gold. Despite the fact that he knew the road that time, he still put at risk Huck’s life. Tom’s aunt Polly suffered from immense grief when everybody believed that her nephew together with his friends died. Tom even manages to spy on his aunt while she is grieving without even trying to reveal himself so as not to ruin the future surprise. Regardless of the fact that Tom regrets about all these actions, he lets them happen.     

The main question about the protagonist of this story is as follows: Maybe there would not have been any moral dilemma with Tom if he was a mature individual. Everybody would perceive him as selfish, manipulative, and callous. His age confuses the readers. However, the limit of moral immunity should be strictly set. The character of Tom is complex because nobody knows where the limit is.    

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