Using Smart Phones in School

Modern technologies have made smart phones essential for almost everyone. Every student will agree that a smart phone can be compared to a working computer. Today, students are even being encouraged to use their smart phones during classes. However, most parents do not want their children to use computers and phones during the class as they are convinced they would not use smart phones for learning purposes, but instead would be distracted from their classes by sending messages or playing games. In this essay, we are covering the question whether students should have a permission to use smart phones during classes.

How Can Smart Phones be Used in the Learning Process?

Many teachers use projectors that are linked to laptops and demonstrate the learning material or the way of completing assignments. College and university students are allowed to use their smart phones for taking notes and completing certain assignments. However, high school students are not allowed to do the same with their phones. It would be fair if high school students were able to use smart phones in their classes similarly to college students. It is a good idea to set rules on what students are allowed to do while using their smart phones.

Using modern technologies in school can greatly help to have instant access to the data related to their class. For example, teachers would not have to use special projectors or make print outs of the material. There is an option to share a google document with the class, and students could access that document from smart phones. The entire daily information could be saved on the drive, and students could get instant and continuous access to the material.

Furthermore, students, especially those who have math classes, can use their smart phones as calculators. Regular calculators require particular money for students to use; hence, using a smart phone is more available. Additionally, students can access their online courses and have an opportunity to follow their lectures through PowerPoint presentations. And finally, they can take notes and take pictures of the material by using smart phones.

After all, we have a strong opinion that students should be allowed to use their smart phones during their classes. Such a technology provides students as well as teachers with instant access to all the necessary data. Sure, using smart phones should not be allowed during tests, examinations and other activities, in which it could be considered cheating. Thus, smart phones should only be permitted during the lectures. This will make a note-taking process much faster and easier. Moreover, those students who want to succeed in a certain discipline would have an opportunity to access the information recorded earlier and refresh it in their memory.


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