Training Your Brain to Remember Plently of Info

When one states that you are not able to remember all necessary information, do not believe him/her. There are a few simple methods that help you improve your memory capacity and learn quicker. These tips of better memorizing are really helpful when studying a foreign language or learning to play a musical instrument. The key point here is not to devote a lot of time to a certain thing every day, but using the time you have as efficient as possible. The new statistics published recently show us the percentage of memorizing a certain type of information:

  • 5% of information you receive during lectures (colleges, universities);
  • 10% of information you receive during reading (blogs, articles, books);
  • 20% of information you receive during watching and listening (audio, video);
  • 30% of information you receive visually (images);
  • 50% of information you receive from communication (discussions, conversations);
  • 75% of information you receive during applying theory into practice;
  • 90% of information you receive and use it right away.

Bucket Analogy

It is pity to admit but your brain operates as a leaky bucket. As the information comes to it, it is forgotten after some time, the same as water pours away from that bucket. It is a normal phenomenon, because if a brain remembered every detail, it would be overloaded and constantly exhausted. The most important things are stored in a long-term memory and this is the thing that must be constantly improved.

Learning Process

While perceiving new information, you normally forget up to 90% of the material. Here, you should use not passive methods of devoting much time to the certain activity, but rather try a direct participation learning hint, that has been proven to be a few times more efficient. This means that, when you begin learning a new language you should pay more time to communicating with native speakers. When you want to begin learning to play any musical instrument, you should not waste your time and learn by yourself but hire a professional with solid experience.

Time vs Money

An eternal war between depletable and nondepletable resources is severe. When you have time, you have no money. When you are successful and rich, you cannot catch up with time. When it comes to memorizing, time is an important factor, but not a decisive one. If you have money you can buy yourself time in a form of experiences and skillful teachers, expanded databases, unlimited access to all the information and even more. It has been well said, that the one who owns information, owns the world. By using these means, you can save yourself months and even years, which you can use for the good. And as you know, it is proven that the ability to store as much information as possible is a key feature in the today's world.


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