How to Create a Proper Outline for Your Synthesis Essay?

Having an outline to track influences the organization of your essay. Basically, an outline of a synthesis essay consists of an introduction, a body with several subtopics, as well as a conclusion.

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  • Introduction is the first part of each essay, regardless of its style. As the name speaks for itself – it reflects main questions of an essay and introduces a general idea. At the end of it, you should clearly state the main topic along with its broad topics. Also, don’t forget about the thesis, which should be also clearly stated in this part.
  • First subtopic – Subtopics are subsections of your chosen topic. In the first one, you should represent your references as well as provide some examples and quotations in order to support your thesis.
  • Second Subtopic – The second one is structurally similar to the first subtopic. Provide quotations and references from your sources.
  • Third subtopic is also alike as other two. More references, quotations and examples should be provided in order to make a strong argument in favor of your general idea. You have to organize your writing to maintain good pieces of evidence and convincing statements.
  • Conclusion – In the conclusion you should generalize everything you have previously stated, starting from the first paragraph. Concluding statements and the information, which either supports or challenges your thesis statement has to be provided, as well.

The main goal in your synthesis essay outline is to construct a clear and comprehensive expression of an argument. It is also a tool, which will help you to get a close picture of what is going to be written, with all specific and important details. An outline will definitely help you to organize constructive sides of your essay. Of course, you don’t need to write everything in your blueprint. Start with the main idea in order to create a vivid picture of it and to be able to extend it further on. Provide a few explanations or write some hints to make it easier.

Writing a synthesis essay is quite austere. The essay organization is probably the main key to writing it properly. Without organization, your arguments may appear illogical and disorganized, which is the way to get a bad mark. Thus, it follows that writing a blueprint for your synthesis essay is very important. It is one of the basic principles of creating a good essay. So, use it in order to succeed in writing a well-structured synthesis essay.


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