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One of the requirements of modern school students have to meet is to carry out the research and write an article describing it. The aim of research articles is to explore a certain issue in a great variety of subjects, including sociology, science, or technology. To cope with writing a research paper properly, a student needs to read a good example as it provides useful guidelines for the paper.


Nowadays, the business medium is a complicated structure, which involves various practices whose main purpose lies in bringing profit for a company. Among the most important aspects of the company's activity, marketing is very influential as it establishes contacts with the customers. The objective of the present paper is to study the ways an enterprise can affect the way a customer makes a final decision by using various widely used marketing tools.

Keywords: customer, goods, services, marketing, process of making a decision.


The methods used to carry out the research are as follows: the qualitative analysis, which explores the academic and online sources aimed at giving a general outline of the way the process of making decisions by consumers, is affected by the company's marketing practices.

Theoretical Background

To arrive at the final stage of making a decision to buy a certain item, any consumer passes several stages. The first thing to do is to identify the need, which in its turn leads to deciding whether to buy a certain service or product or not. The next comes when a customer collects relevant information. This is when a company can influence the process of making a decision, which can be achieved by using a wide range of marketing tools.

Advertising is an efficient tool for a company to be identified as the only solution to meet the requirements of a customer in terms of the needed goods or services. Target marketing information is used to achieve the above result by demonstrating all the advantages of services or goods to a customer. By presenting exceptional qualities distinguishing the product or service among all the rest, the company influences the customer's decision in the best way possible. Based on the analysis of the practices used in marketing, it is possible to conclude that the information collection process is most efficiently influenced by relevant marketing messages that the customers keep in memory. The audience's likes, location and age are taken into account while defining the message type, which will be aimed directly at a certain customer.   


A greatest number of marketing tools a company can use nowadays are highly efficient for collecting all necessary information about potential customers. Approaching customer identification scientifically gives an enterprise a possibility to meet the target consumers' needs by creating specific messages. After certain messages have  been imprinted in the minds of the consumers, they will provide a further increase in the efficiency of marketing tools.  


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