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Best Online Jobs for Students

We all know the importance of extra money when you’re a student, but not all of us understand how to make cash without leaving your room. Let’s see the most profitable and simplest ways to get online job below. There are tons of online jobs for students that are very suitable for most of them.

Online Surveys

Want to start making money right now? Online surveys are the most simple and popular method of earning money online. What you do is writing feedbacks about a particular service/product.

Freelance Writing

Freelancing writing is not only one of the best ways of making extra money while being a student; it could even become a job of your life.

Freelance Photography

If you know how to properly use your cell phone camera, or you’re good at taking pictures – selling copyright for people to use your photos is a good idea for additional money source.

General Freelancing

Besides photo shooting and writing, there are still a lot of other online jobs. Check different freelancing sites to find what fits you the most.

Sell on Special Platforms

Sometimes, you can find good package deal, and sell things from it individually on eBay or Amazon (e.x video games or books).


Find things for free or for real cheap and then sell them to make a profit. Sometimes people are selling or giving away things that are in a perfect condition or can be easily fixed. Use the whole potential of this platform.


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Craigslist is also a great resource of finding work as a freelancer.

Customer Service or Representative of a Company

These vacancies are all about supporting customers or being a representative of a particular company. Yeah, it’s not all online, but it’s still a way to earn money while sitting near your computer or being on a phone.


It’s basically the same as Amazon or eBay, but instead of random things you sell self-made crafts. If you found of crafting – don’t hesitate to try!

Blog Writing

Passionate about writing different stories or reviews? Start a blog on right now! Make your blog popular and integrate advertisements to make a profit from it.

These internet recourses are not only useful because you earn money with them, but also because they improve your skills as an entrepreneur. Get started!


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