Living in Clover with a Type of Working Regime You Choose

In more recent times, an issue of freelance work has become widely discussed as a controversial one. What would you prefer a full-time or a part-time job? Those speaking in support of the first option find it more consistent and reliable and are opposed against the second one as a temporary and unsettling. To understand the point better and get rid of stereotypes, it is necessary to take a closer look at characteristics of both occupations.

The difference is that being employed in office, you are guaranteed a stable number vacation days, paid sick days, monthly payment, and potential bonuses. Working on your own, you are free to take a break, deal with a situation when you come down with flu or be on a low budget. In case a freelancer decides to have a lie-in or skip a working day, an employee loses a daily income, but someone, who has a place in office, receives the same payment on a regular basis.

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Nevertheless, the sector of employees being hired as freelancers is somehow exposed to risk. There are a number of arguments that push people to opt for freelancing. You will wonder what makes them take such a decision, but these positions have such advantages that many office workers would be jealous.

Reasons Why Freelancing Is a Good Choice

Flexible Schedule

You do not need to follow a strict routine every day. Waking up early enough to get through the busy traffic jams and be in time at work, this is definitely not about a position of a freelancer. Home is an actual working place that you can organize according to your needs. Moreover, it may be any place where there is an access to wi-fi and a laptop along with. It is also valuable that this way a person can spend some time with nearest and dearest. Even though there is no exact schedule, the thing a freelancer is concerned about is a deadline.

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A Tendency to Decrease the Working Load

Western world companies are declined to let their employees cut down on time spent working due to the fact that the classic scheme “nine to five” is already out of date. To contrast, members of staff stay abnormal working hours at their bureaus because of the numberless tasks to complete. Once they are home, they are still answering some calls, getting e-mails and faxes. An employee is ought to react to those pieces of information, otherwise, it will tarnish his or her reputation. A freelancer is only in charge of assignments that he or she has applied for.

There is no universal answer when judging from the perspective of the options above. Freelancing will be more appropriate for those who would like to get rid of stressing schedule, staying overtime in office, spending much time commuting to work, and selecting job for the family. On the contrary, those, who value stability, fixed schedule, sustained income, and looking ahead with confidence, should better apply for a position in office. Find out what is crucial to you.


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