Why to Watch 13 Reasons Why as an Adult?

If you occasionally mingle with teenagers, you’ve probably heard them raving about a new TV-series 13 Reasons Why. With the hype that it’s got from younger viewers, many people got an impression that it doesn’t have anything to offer for adults. Those people couldn’t be more mistaken. It’s true, 13 Reasons Why is about teenagers but it also shows the complicated reality of their life in the age of Internet with all dangers it brings. Here are reasons why you need to watch 13 Reasons Why.

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  • To protect your kids. All parents want to protect their children from any danger they might be exposed to. However, the older generation might not be aware of the menace that the modern age has brought upon. 13 Reasons Why shows a case of cyber bullying and how disastrous it might be for the mind of a teenager.
  • To recognize suicidal behavior. It’s not a spoiler that the series is about a girl who committed suicide. At the same time, it’s not a topic that is widely described in media despite the fact that more and more teenagers decide to take their own lives. The series shows how that not everyone around Hannah noticed the inner demons she was battling, and it can teach you to be more attentive to teenagers who might need help.
  • To leave your comfort zone. Yes, a TV-series about teenage suicide is not an easy watch you’ll opt for at the end of the day. However, what many people don’t understand is that it’s a big issue among teenagers, and we do need to talk about it. Only by learning about these things, we can start helping the kids who might have suicidal thoughts.
  • To be a better teacher. One of the topics the series touches is the ignorance of teachers at school. The worst thing about the whole situation was that Hannah did ask for help, but no one bothered to give her a second look. If you’re a teacher yourself or work with teenagers, watch this series in order not to repeat the same mistakes and save someone’s life when they ask for help.
  • To understand bullying. Statistics show that the majority of children get bullied at least once and some experience it on a regular basis. Being adults, we might forget about how ruthless and violent teenagers can be, and we might not be aware of the methods they use today. After watching the series you’ll understand the whole seriousness of the issue and will be able to help your children if they encounter it.
  • To help victims of sexual assault. Sexual assault, another taboo topic, is also depicted in natural lights in the series. It shows the main mistakes people make while talking to the victims and how these things are counterproductive. It helps to find the right approach to sexual assault survivors if you know them in real life.

Even though 13 Reasons Why is extremely popular among teenagers, adults can learn a lot from it too. Watch it to see the struggles that young people have to deal with every day, and maybe after gaining a deeper understating you’ll be able to help a troubled teen yourself.


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