US War with Mexico

US War with Mexico is a historical novel written by Ernesto Chavez. Ernesto Chavez is an American author and a professor of history at the American University of Texas. Notably, Chavez is known to be a Mexican and American analyst from some of his works such as Miraza Primero (My People First) and Nationalism. These books address the historical issues of America and Mexico. However, Chavez is more known for this book, US War with Mexico. In this book, Chavez writes about the America Mexican war and the effects to the citizens of both countries. Additionally, he explains the motives that the US had over the Mexicans, Indians, slaves and the women. According to the book, the US wanted to expand its territory by conquering a foreign nation, which was Mexico. However, they could not get that it easily since Mexico resisted leading to the conflict. This essay analyses the book in detail.

Purpose and Argument

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The purpose and argument part mainly focuses on the intention of the author or the message that he wanted to pass. Different authors write books with different purposes, thus imposing arguments about the book. Here are the purposes and arguments about US War with Mexico by Ernesto Chavez.

Firstly, Chavez intends to show readers how the US was powerful. In his book, he explains how Americans intended to conquer the Mexicans, the Indians and the slaves (Chavez 49). The Americans must have been powerful and determined to expand their territory when they decided to take on Mexico. Their sole intention was to be a super power and a large nation.

Secondly, another purpose on the book is to show how slavery and racism was in the US. Chavez explains that the US wanted to conquer slaves, Indians and women too. Notably, all the mentioned are minority groups. The US intentions of conquering these minority groups were to use them for their economic gain and development. Slavery is evident in this book.

Lastly, Chavez also has a purpose to depict the way the US was more developed economically and politically compared to Mexico. The development of the US economically is evident from the way the decided to take Mexico as their territory. According to Chavez, the war movement was determined by both the economical and political development. This is what made the US to dare Mexico since they knew they were superior to them.

Summary Content

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US War with Mexico talks about the territorial conflict between Mexico and America. Initially, America was more developed politically and economically compared to Mexico and wanted to take an advantage over Mexico. Concerning that, the US had the urge to expand her territory and conquer more nations to achieve increased levels of superiority. Her urge to conquer nations for economic gain made her to declare Mexico as her territory. Apart from Mexico, America also wanted to conquer minority groups like the Indians, slaves and women. This is what led to the conflict between the two territories. Despite the superiority of the Americans, they did not manage to take Mexico as their territory since Mexico also had the power to fight back.

Coherence of Analysis

Coherence of analysis refers to the flow of the entire content of the book. The US War with Mexico has a good flow of ideas. Firstly, Chavez starts by discussing matters that initiated the conflict between these two nations. He states clearly that the war started when America wanted to expand her territory into Mexico. Additionally, Americans wanted to conquer the slaves and Indians. Secondly, Chavez highlights the war and significant happenings of the war. Chavez asserts that the war was driven by political and economical superiority. According to this, a country with better economic power would have won the conflict. Lastly, he concludes by explaining the final effects of the conflict on the Americans, Mexicans and the minority groups.

Contribution to Knowledge

Ernesto Chavez has played a major role in contribution of knowledge to his readers. Remarkably, this book provides vast knowledge to its readers that they may have never had heard of before. Here are some of the knowledge’s contributed by this book.

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Firstly, the author enabled the readers to know that there was racism and discrimination of the minority groups in the US. This is evident by its intention to conquer the slaves, women and Indians. Their main aim was to use them for economic gain.

Secondly, reading this book, one would discover that US was more powerful compared to Mexico. The step of the US to expound its boundaries to Mexico was daring. Notably, they would not have taken such steps if they were not powerful politically and economically. This are among the main knowledge’s one gains from this book by Chavez.

In conclusion, US War with Mexico is a historical novel written by Ernesto Chavez. Ernesto Chavez is an American author and professor of history at the American University of Texas. In this book, he is addressing the conflict between America and the Mexico. The conflict between the two countries was initiated by the US plans of expanding its territories into Mexico. While writing this book, Ernesto Chavez had a purpose. Chavez intends to show the readers how the US was powerful. In his book, he explains how American intended to conquer Mexicans, Indians and slaves. Additionally, the author enabled the readers to know that there was racism and discrimination of the minority groups in the US

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