The Tempest


The tempest is a play which was written by William Shakespeare in 1610. It ‘s a Romance act set  in Remote Island with Prospero as a protagonist. Having being the rightful due of Milan who had a prevailed to sit on the throne he was later over thrown by his brothers Antonio and Sebastian before being exiled to the isolated Island in which he was crow lonely with his beloved daughter, Miranda.

The Use of Place in the Play

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This play explores the use of place in trying to preset its major theme, Its setting was done at a time of autocracy when leaders were regarded as extraordinary creature with device powers to do  all that normal human being  could not  do . However, this could not go unchallenged since they had to face a lot of opposition from their subjects. This is what be fell Prospero when he realized that his prowess  would not last forever especially  when he was disposed by his real  brother s with the assistance of his friend. The play explores the use of place in the following ways;-

To begin with, Prospero used his position as a duke to acquires extraordinary powers. In fact he almost established a theocratic state in which he became a very powerful magician. He used his powers to cause a lot of agonies to many people. He began by throwing Sycorax into exile. Before then Sycorax was a great Algerian sorcerer who had been terrifying the people of Milan. As a very powerful person, Prospero took advantage of this to topple his rein and establish his own government. Later, he became a very strong autocratic duke who excessively used his powers to enslave more people in his territory. For instance, he went ahead to turn Cariban into a slave only because he had attempted to rape Miranda. At The same time, he used his influential position to coax Miranda to marry Ferdinand. This type of trait is common amongst the leaders in the cotemporary society who use their powers to benefit themselves at the expense of their subjects. Just like Prospero who used their education to acquires magic, many leaders today their leadership position to acquires magic, power and wealth.

Secondly, Shakespeare uses play when he talks about Gonsado who was performing the role of a counselor to the duke. He took advantage of this privilege to diligently serve the duke and ended up being his confidant. This made their friendship grew to be closer. He was a very loyal servant who knew that the best thing to do is to give his best services to his boss. Therefore, he made a good use of this position come for the aid of his boss when he was in great problems. When Prospero was over thrown by his brothers, It is Gonsado who supplied him with all the necessary commodities that he needed to make him comfortable. He boldly provided him with enough food, water, clothes and high quality books to read. It is during such a difficult time that he needed someone to confide him, a role performed by this character. Gonsado is an example of aides who serve their masters with the loyalty and them dignity they deserve. However, as a counselor, he was to feed with the right advice that would enable him overcome such ordeals before thy actually occurred to him , aides are useful to their basses and can not forsake them  during such difficulties . If he were a bad person, he would have used his close position to the king to conspire against him, If he did this, he would be a betrayer. The other way through which she is act demonstrates the use of place is when Shakespeare highlights the attraction of Miranda to Ferdinand , Ferdinand used his position as a prince to marry Miranda who was also from noble family, The two family had been closer given that Ferdinand father , Alonso had been a great friend to Prospero, Miranda’s. Therefore, Ferdinand took advantage of this to marry his lore Miranda. He preferred to marry from a noble family because he wanted to be confined with the social stratum in which they were belonged. This is the typical of the contemporary society in which people are using their position to advice social segregation. This is mostly interested in political families in which the same trend continues.

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Consequently, there is the use of position when about the conducts of Sebastian and Antonio; they decided to use this fact to overthrow him from his leadership. However is done with the assistance of Alonso who had been a very great friend to the duke. This is a very great conspiracy which demonstrates betrayal by these relatives and friends. As the king’s brothers, Sebastian and Antonio would have helped to project their brother from his enemies. This would also apply to Alonso who had been a great friend to prosper. This is the typical of the modern society in which a chose friends and relatives are used by enemies to topple leaders. This is very bad and should not be conduced at all. Just like Antonio, many leaders have misused their power by collaborating with the rebels to dispose dully elected leaders. However, this was brought a lot of instability in many countries. This is why countries like Syria are new at war.

Tempest is one of Shakespeare's plays in which he extensively explored the use of place as one of its major stylistic devices. This is quite evident in the way it is used both negatively and positively in the entire text. Just like in other Romantic plays, Tempest appears to be one of the best written especially given that the themes come out so clearly. The subjects were able to use their position to serve their ruler in different ways. While others showed their loyalty, others used their closeness to conspire against the king and make his life more difficult. At the same time, people like the duke took advantage of their positions to assert their power to their subjects. Even if this was done with the mid of propagating their cultural heritage, in most cases, these actions were ill informed and were at no one time in favor of the general society. This is why many leaders never took a long time in the throne. They were frequently ousted even before enjoying their rein. As already highlighted, Prosperos notoriously used his place in the community to influence the life of other people in many ways. For instance, he insisted that his only daughter, Miranda has to be married by Ferdinand. He was doing this because he believed that, as a noble, Ferdinand would stand a better position of continuing with the blood of leadership which was bonding the two families. This explains why he had to endure his life to save Miranda only to wed Ferdinand as newly found love. Truly, this is typical of the modern society in which classicism is a norm.

People often use their positions to influence others. I believe Prospero was meddling into Mirinda's personal affairs because of the fact that she is just a woman- a weaker sex. may be as a woman, she as not entitled to make her own decisions regarding the person to marry. This is typical of our societies today that oppress women and deny them an equal opportunity like their male counterparts. Instead of viewing them as equally important people, they are downtrodden and looked down upon. A mid all these, Prospero have to be blamed for being so dictatorial. I believe that he used his position as a duke to be so autocratic to his people. He used his position to acquire magical powers, not for the good of his community, but to oppress them. He was so ruthless towards people like Ariel and Sycorax who really suffer under him. This kind of autocracy is still common in many parts of the world up to date.

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Conclusively, I would like to say that this is a very great which gives a lot of information on the use of position to manipulate and alter the status quo just like prosper, Ferdinand, Miranda a Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio and Gonzalo, many people have used their position both to benefit and wreck havoc to the society. This is quite surprising and should not be done. People should use their position for the benefit of all.

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