Taylor’s Earthly and Spiritual Life

Taylor’s “Upon Wedlock and Death of Children” is a poem where he expresses a deep meditation for his earthly and spiritual life especially regarding his loss of children. In the poem, he uses imagery to relate his earthly life to his spiritual salvation. He says that “when in this knot I planted was, my stock,” whereby the word “knot” indicates the bond that God made with man. The marriage bond between him and his wife; as was between Adam and Eve is similar to the union he has with God, his creator.  

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Taylor uses Wedlock to indicate a bond that cannot be untied neither divided, using Alexander as an example. It also reflects the bud of growth. Taylor relates the fruits of earthly union to those of his spiritual union with God. His use of the word “slips” refers to the children born as a result of marriage; this is similar to the salvation one gains after having a good union with God. The flowers of Grace represent the grace of God to His people. His use of the word ‘inamled’ which is, currently, similar to enameled; meaning that man depends on the grace of God; that He offers his grace and protection to those who trust and are faithful to Him.

Taylor delights in his earthly life as he does in his spiritual life. He uses the ‘Checkling smiles’ to show the child-parent relationship. Taylor’s role as a father to his child is similar to that of God to him as His child. The joy he derives from having a heavenly father is similar to that of his child having an earthy father. He uses of the words almost tore up roots, from the garden picture, describes the severe pain he felt. However, he believes that his late daughter went to heaven.

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