Out, Out - by Robert Frost

Robert Frost is a famous English artist who is known all over the globe for philosophical motifs of the poems. “Out, Out -” is a truly deep and gripping poem.  It is much more than just a relation about a boy’s death; the author tries to leave the message that the death is inescapable, and one should perceive it as a given. The name of the poem is the allusion to a line from the famous Macbeth’s monologue about the futility and brevity of life: "Out, out, brief candle!"

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The poem relates the readers the story of a young boy who cutting firewood with a buzz saw. When the sister announced that it was time for dinner, he accidentally cut the hand with the saw. He is not afraid, but he asks his sister to prohibit the doctor cut off his hand. Unfortunately, he lost too much blood to survive and died. The phrase that all goes back to work after his death, sound rather hopelessly. Frost does not blame a boy for this incident; thus he is a “child at heart”. However, the innocence and passivity of a boy in such a situation is rather obscurely for readers. The author is trying to say that the person should stand all troubles with dignity even if the world is senseless.  Even the narrator could not find the reason for such a whim of a fate. He confessed unemotionally “No more to build on there”. The poem is fool of indifference. There are not human emotions such as compassion, sympathy and rue. Frost makes the readers feel as if they are part of the poem.

In conclusion, it should be said that Robert Frost’s poem “Out, out -” is full of intense awareness that the life ends up with nothingness, absence and darkness. What is more, Frosts hints that all people are egoistic creatures and think only about their own life. Despite the fact that “Out, out -” is rather emotionally poor, it touches the soul with its philosophical ideas.

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