Death by China Review

Death by China is an extraordinarily informative nonfictional book about China today and its perspectives for future.

Peter Navarro is an American economist, a famous professor of the theory of modern business, from the University of California. However, he is not only famous for research in the field of corporate governance, but also for producing political and economic works. The book Death by China is the latest one of them. It is noticeable that in the Foreword one can learn all authors’ thoughts concerning this topic.

All eight fronts, where China struggles against the world are presented in the Foreword as well as in the whole book.

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The first front is a piracy under the guidance of a powerful state. Author considers the theft of intellectual property and technologies, counterfeiting and adulteration as one of the main pillars of the Chinese economy.

The second front is "Opium Wars" of XXI century. Having been a victim of such wars in a XIX century, China now returns the old debt for the West.

The third front is environmental. China economizes costs on the protection of the environment through its complete disregard. The Pacific coast of the U.S. and Canada suffer as well as China.  However, most of all it influences Korea and Japan.

The fourth front Navarro called "blood for oil". Second in the world (after the U.S.) oil importer supports all dictators, who are ready to provide the country with the natural resources. The state uses all means, including trading their right for veto in the UN Security Council.

The fifth front (the new imperialist wars) shows that the external expansion of China, especially in Africa and Latin America, is based on its policy. Under the guise of anti-American demagoguery, the Chinese raw material companies "buy" many governments and rulers in the bud in exchange for access to cheap resources.  However, the author offers not to be afraid of such policy. According to Navarro (2011), “China’s abuses of the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations are hardly isolated incidents” (p. 4)

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As for the sixth front, China is over-exploitation of water resources, leading to severe environmental problems not only in China, but also in other countries (e.g., in the lower reaches of the MekongRiver in Cambodia and Vietnam).

The seventh front is called "internal wars in China." The main internal problem in China is a war with the peasantry; the fact that people were driven from the land for the sake of new buildings and construction of reservoirs sounds extremely severely.

The author points out that people are outraged by this state of affairs in the country; if this anger will break out, it leads to collapse of economics (the collapse of China's economy will hit influence the whole world.)

Finally, the eighth front is the Chinese "time bombs." Demographic and pension problems, and problems in health care exist in China for many years. The collapse of the Healthcare System and its complete corruption will give birth to generate new viruses and epidemics for all mankind.

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In conclusion, it should be said that today, China has become one of the world's leading centers of drug production, and everything is done with the tacit consent of the authorities. What is more, there exists a threat of the fake medicines, poor quality products; they pose a direct danger to human life. Chinese manufacturers do not respect their customers because they are not limited by any legal basis. In China, no one legally protected; but national companies enjoy unlimited power. The population is enormous, but accurate data is still hidden; the more impressive is the number of 100 million unemployed population of working age, and it is growing. If stop urbanization now, China will certainly not be able to cope with catastrophic rural poverty, and economic growth virtually stops. All this gives rise to social tensions that periodically spills out onto the streets, representing the greatest danger for the ruling Communist regime. These and many other problems of China position in the world are presented in the book.

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