Love in the Bible

The bible is the inspired word of God. It contains sixty six books which were written by forty different authors in three languages. The bible is claimed to have no error since it’s from God who is all knowing. The bible has been written in different styles. For example there is poetry, law, narration, prophecy and history. Personally I believe in the bible as the true living word of God. Through studying it I have been molded into a better person who loves God and his people (Carroll and Prickett 13).

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There are many things that one can learn from the bible since it contains information about all areas of life. Through the bible one is able to learn about the origin of man through the story of Adam and Eve which is found in the book of Genesis. Every nation has a law and through the bible one gets informed about the law of God which guides and rule all Christian believers. One is also informed about the fall of man as well as God’s plans for redemption through Jesus Christ. There are many promises that were made by God to a believer and by reading the bible one is able to know his position and promises as a follower of Christ (Carroll and Prickett 16).

In the book of 1st Corinthians 13:4 the bible talks about love. Biblical love is what is called agape love. This is a love that is unconditional. God expresses his unlimited love by offering Christ as a sacrificial lamp in order to redeem humanity which was lost in sin. God revealed love in both the old and New Testament but in the old it was conditioned in that when his chosen people would go a stray he would either destroy them or punish them severely. Also in the Old Testament revenge was allowed and that is why there is statement like eye for eye, tooth for tooth. This is not the case in the New Testament because the love expressed here is unconditional through Christ Jesus and that is why Christ forbids revenge. Believers are taught to love one another as Christ loved the church (Yancey 27).

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