Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pride and Prejudice

The book the pride and prejudice is one of the great old time novels done by the writer Jane Austen, although the book had first been written by her father Austen it was known as First Impressions. Jane Austen did an extensive modification of the book and after hard work of reviewing and rewriting she came up with the new title of the Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen began her second novel, Pride and Prejudice, even before she was the age of twenty-one. The book initially titled First Impression because the appearances of the characters created the plot of the novel. However, because the novel is also concerned with the effects of the character’s first impressions, which is described as their prejudice; Austen found the title Pride and Prejudice more suitable.

The book was defined as a very fashionable novel and was well received by the public friends and even family members; others described it as her best novel. The novel has also inspired very many other writers to write books like: An unequal marriage, Pride and prejudice Twenty years later written by Emma Tennat and Mr. Darcy Broke my Heart which was done by Beth Pattilo. There were many other books written in the old times. The book Pride and Prejudice uses the art of free indirect speech whereby this means that not the words actually spoken by the character but the words that typify the characters thought or mainly what the character would think or speak.

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The novel deals with issues of good manners, childhood upbringing, moral properness, education and marriage in her patrician society of early 19th century England. in my opinion, it is one classic that I would say truly deserves being in the genre of classic. Though the story's setting is exceptionally turn of the 19th century, it creates a attraction for current readers, enduring near the top of lists of 'most loved books' and still receives significant interest from literary critics and the public at large.

This modern interest has resulted in a number of dramatic adaptations and a large quantity of novels and stories imitating Austen's unforgettable characters or themes. The characters in this novel are practical and well-formed; the accurate interpretation of 19th century and the  British social life and setting, and Austen's superb and innovative writing creates a masterpiece full of romance, pride, social status, family values, and prejudice.

The novel is seen to be from the real life experiences of Jane Austen because she wrote like she lived a short description of her life is a good inspiration to this book and  her choice of characters. Jane Austen lived in Steventon, Hampshire for most of her life and she was never married. She had come from a family of six brothers and one older sister, Cassandra, to whom she was very fond of. The only and well known picture of Jane Austen is a coloured rough draft done by Cassandra which is found in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Her brothers Frank and Charles went to sea, where they ultimately become admirals. (pride and prejudice)

In the year 1783, she was educated for a short time by a relative in Oxford then Southampton. After which in the year between 1785-1786, she was educated at the Reading Ladies boarding school in the Abbey gatehouse in Reading, Berkshire. In specific, she received an education superior to that normally given to other girls of her time or her year, she was very determined and took early to writing, her first story which begun later in two years. Jane Austen’s life was a surprisingly boring one and, disappointment in love, tranquil and happy.

A few years after around the year of 1801 the family moved to Bath, which inspired many scenes of many episodes in her writings. A year later Austen received a marriage proposal from a prosperous young man named Harris Bigg-Wither, of whom she first agreed, but surprisingly rejected the next day. Having refused this proposal of marriage, Austen never later married. After the death of her father four years later, Austen, her sister, and her mother lived with her brother Frank and his family for a number of years until they moved in 1809 to Chawton in this town her wealthy brother Edward had an estate with a cottage, which he turned over to his mother and sisters.  

This house today is open to the public for viewing since it was well built. The great writer Austen unfortunately went on to live in relative isolation and later began to experience ill-health. It is now deliberated that she may have suffered from Addison's disease, the cause of which was never known. She began to seek for medical attention resulting to her travel to Winchester in the year 1817, but so quickly was the advancement of her illness problem that she passed on there two months later and was buried in the cathedral.(Pride and Prejudice)

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Her life story tells more about her choice of characters in her novel pride and prejudices the description of the character Fitzwilliam Darcy who is also one of the main characters is well seen in this novel. Mr. Darcy is the main male character he is a twenty-eight years old and unmarried, he is also seen to be a wealthy owner of the famous family estate in Derbyshire.

Fitzwilliam is also a handsome, tall, and intelligent, but not convivial, his distant modesty and ethical decency are seen by many and well shown in the book as an unnecessary pride and concern for social status. He makes a poor impression on strangers, such as the gentry of Meryton, but is valued by those who are well acquitted with him.

His character of being proud is well seen at the beginning of the novel whereby Darcy begins his acquaintance with arrogant condescension and proud distaste for all the 'country' people. Bingley and Elizabeth Bennet's older sister Jane begin to grow close despite Mrs. Bennet's embarrassing interference and the opposition of Bingley's sister Caroline, who considers Jane socially inferior.(Austen 02)  Elizabeth is astonished by Darcy's proud rejection of her at a local dance and decides to match his coldness with her own wit. Here Fitzwilliam displays his character of how he already knew he had fallen in love with Elizabeth but due to his pride he could not admit it and rejected her although she had shown interest in him. (Austen. 03)

It was well noted later that Darcy had been involved in separating the relationship Bingley and Janet Bennet who were almost getting married when he is asked about it he confirms that he did this because he thought that Janet Bennet would heartbreak his good friend Bingley this describes his character of his impression of strangers and how poorly he judges people he did not know Janet very well but he already judged that her marriage to his friend would not be succeful.

Darcy at some point gives an impression of a caring man where by he is the guardian of his only sisters he tries to protect her from being married by someone who was out to get away with their inherited fortune he also displays a good treatment of her family members that is her aunty and uncle and introduces them to Elizabeth when she comes to visit. (Austen 12)

Elizabeth admires how Darcy treats his family in a protective and loving memory this displays a character of him as a loving person at some point.darcy displays his emotional side whereby he proposes marriage to Elizabeth although he does it in a arrogant manner  which results to the rejection of his proposal he does not believe that  she refuses to accept his proposal due to his pride and prejudice, (Austen 34) Darcy is very shaken in this part that his character is more illustrated by his emotion where he results to writing her a letter I feel that he may have been proud to talk to her face to face and therefore wrote her a letter giving justifications to  his actions and reasons why he had done those things, his character here may be well described as truthful because as he justified his actions very convincingly making Elizabeth come back to Darcy’s Estate later in the quest to learn more about Darcy.

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He makes his character more defined in different ways where by he makes an effort to be very gracious and welcoming  he define as being loving and proposes again to Elizabeth and she accepts, their marriage in the final chapters describes that they remain close through out and also helping others in their marriage life.

Darcy fits very well in this book especially because he is very much concerned with marriages of the people he cared about and protects others in the novel from marriages that would lead to heartache afterwards he is seen to attend to other marriages that he approves good morals of the novel are also seen through the character of Darcy by how he makes sure that his sisters upbringing is a moral one by protecting her from being married to the wrong person.

Although at some point he displays a lot of pride and prejudice which leads to the title of the page. The characters in this book has been brought about the real meaning of the title of the book as one goes through the novel it displays more of the life of the writer Jane Austen. The character of Darcy also brings out the romance and love side of which the writer had in mind.

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