Clemencia Literary Analysis

The critical essay as narrated by Clemencia portrays themes of economic class and social relationships. Clemencia believes she does not belong to nay class because of her amphibious nature. Always on extremes, she jumps between being a virgin and a whore with the desire to have the feeling of all or nothing for sex. She struggles within herself with her logic telling her to move in one direction while her heart moving directing her to the opposite direction. When told not to marry a Mexican by her mother, the message is not to marry a man who grew up in Mexico.

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Clemencia believes that all men cheat on their women and as such as no real feelings for men (Cisneros, 71). Her pride will not allow her to be in a position where she is the victim of men’s cheat behavior; she opts to be a mistress. This cycle of mistrust in men instills a belief in Clemencia that she is not worthy of marriage and thus sleeps with men who are least likely to marry her. She lives in guilt of having caused pain in other women’s lives by sleeping with their husbands. These lead into a cold and isolated individual who is bitter and totally untrusting. The isolation is demonstrated Cisneros in stating that “There was no home to go home to. Now with our mother. Not with that man she married. After Daddy died, it was like we didn't matter" (73).

The <!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]--> and a cohort of other literally techniques have been used by the other figuratively to present deeper meaning of the story. The social consequences of this time in history are represented by the denotations to let the readers dissect and digest the author’s hidden literally message. Wyatt’s use of tenses and lack of personal pronouns summarizes the text into an interesting peace of work with little words but so much meaning.

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