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Willy Loman is an old man, and he is unstable mentally. He is also the main character in Miller’s play. Willy does not want to accept the failures in his life and to know the truth about him. He feels insecure and starts to lie to himself and the family. He is unfaithful towards his wife. He cheats Linda but Biff realizes this and calls him a liar. He is unable to maintain his duplicate due to his failures in life.

He believes when one is adored and attractive, then he or she can easily become successful according to the American dream. He believes this to escape from the failed reality in his life. He fears of the future for his family especially of the future of his older son. He is also not a worthy role model especially to his sons. He once told Biff to avoid girls and never to promise anything to them. This has an effect on Biff’s social life since Linda remarks that Biff is hard concerning girls.

He is a proud man. He was offered the work by Charley when he was fired but he refused. However, he goes on to accept the money from Charley to clear off his bills. He imagined his son to have a great deal but he was trying to evade the truth that Bernard had been better than his sons. His desire for his older son to succeed in his life leads him to compromise his life so that Biff could use the insurance to start his own business. This indicates how disillusioned he had been concerning his life and his older son. He wanted his sons to be the best but he had been unable to change the situation.

Willy never believed that his name had suggested making him a protagonist. His name Loman suggested for him to be an average man but he lived against this norm. He died not accepting his failure that made him a hero in this way.


The play is very educative and disappointing at the same time. It also shows a common man. In the play, the man’s belief leads him to not realizing the truth. Willy believed when one was adored and attractive then he would prosper in his life. This led him to not realizing himself or not facing the true reality triggering suicidal thoughts. He believes that his older son would make this in his life since he had been attractive. However, sometimes he felt that his son had been already a failure in the life. This further led to his confusion of life. The son was contended with his life but his father wasn’t.

Willy was involved into the sales by Dave Singleman due to his popularity and prosperity in the sales’ world. He was made to believe getting a salesman job that would have led to his prosperity. He gets a job in sales and considers him to be successful but he is unable to clear his mortgage. Moreover, when he is fired, he depends on his friend Charley to clear off his bills. He also believed that he had been a successful salesman. When he goes to ask for a permanent job from Howard he believes he will be granted this job. However, Howard sacks him. This leads to an increase in his mental instability.

He believed he had been popular to other people. He sent his son to his former employer as an assistant. When Biff visits Bill Oliver, he barely recognizes him. He believed that Oliver would easily remember him as his worker. This indicates how he believed to be famous yet he had not been. He believed this would avoid facing the truth about his failure. Only few people attended his funeral, yet he had made the family believe he had been an important person. Willy never believed that his name had suggested for him to be a hero. His name suggested that he had been an average man but he lived against this norm.


The Death of Salesman is a fabulous play that clearly shows a common man who does not accept his failure. This is clearly shown by Willy Loman. However, it was set in the post-war period, it may also be applied in the present time. It also shows how some beliefs thought by a man can have an effect on their lives. The play motivates people to accept every circumstance in their life and never to be ashamed of the life circumstances. It also teaches people not to compare themselves with others; like this happened in the case with Loman. It’s a play that can be recommended to any individual interested in success (Miller 135). 

"Death of a Salesman" . Custom "Death of a Salesman" Essay Writing Service || "Death of a Salesman" Essay samples, help

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