Stories by Arthur Miller

The Death of a Salesman is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1949. It took place in Boston and New York. The Death of a Salesman  is a fantastic play that has received several awards. It was set after the war in America. It shows the effects of civilization in the post-war period. Many people were compelled to provide their families with the best. This made many people compete with each other. However, some people were unable to give everything to their families and could not admit their failure (Miller 98).

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The action takes place in Willy Loman’s home. The play starts from the moment when Willy arrives home from a work tour. He is a husband of Linda and a father to Biff and Happy. He is employed by Howard Wagner in the sales department; he is involved into travelling much. He thinks he is a successful salesman. He had several car crashes during his work, and Linda begs for him to ask Howard for a permanent job in his hometown. He has a brother Ben who is more successful in his life than he is. Charley is his only friend and neighbor (Miller 76). He pities him and lends him money to pay off his bills. Biff is the oldest son that is employed at ranches; he is also liked by people. From his father’s view, he is considered to have failed in his life. On the other hand, Happy is the youngest brother, and he is very successful in his life. He is able to lure girls easily. Linda is a cheerful lady who tries to understand Willy and his misfortunes. Biff and Happy plan to invest into a common business to work together.

Willy had the troubles  with recalling the events and differentiating the past from the present. He talked to himself when he tried to recall his past memories. The situation worsened after he had been fired from work. He believed he had been a successful salesman and knew that Howard would agree with his sentiments. However, he became disappointed when Howard dismissed him. He argues with his wife about their older son, Biff. Through the reveries, he discloses much about himself. He recalls his father who had left him at an early age. At one time, he recalled how Biff had caught him red handed with another woman. He also recalled when Bernard had informed him of his son’s poor performance in math. He accused Charley of cheating when they were playing cards after he had got confused. This was a result of recalling his conversation with the brother while talking to Charley. He is unable to pay off bills and relies on Charley. This, however, leads to an argument between his wife and sons where the wife condemned them for leaving their father. He also revealed the suicidal thoughts of their father to them. Willy later commits a suicide after the conflict with his old son.

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