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The reaction of both men and women to domestic violence is so different and pronounced, men are seen to persevere their wife’s battering because of their love for them and that of their children. Ed perseveres the torture for a long time not only for the love of his wife but also the welfare of her daughter. Women would persevere out of love and compassion. In addition, tolerance in women is abundantly anchored on hope for a change from the man, failure to which they pack their belonging and moves out of marriage to seek solace elsewhere. Men Would always strive to maintain their ego and not come out that they are being assaulted because the society would view them as weakly.

The difference in perseverance has changed over time and in changing circumstances and women are going for self-defence or moving to court to seek divorce.

Sociologically, domestic violence is due to the underlying issue between the couple, the difference in the way they would react to trouble shows the expectation from the society. Men in the society is expected to be strong and ready to endure hardship, difficulty and rejection. Differences in marriage are not the end of humanity, in a situation of sickness, the differences should be put aside and help one another.

Domestic violence is a feature suffering tolerance and perseverance between men and women; domestic violence can be viewed in terms of women or men; it is the continuous subjection of forceful social and psychological torture to women by their spouses regardless of their rights. It involves physical and verbal abuse. According to the Contemporary Women's Issues Database and it is agreed that even men are affected by this as well.

Domestic aggression against women can lead to serious corporeal injuries, psychological suffering, and mental strain. According to, physical injuries can be in the form of headaches, bruises, fractures paralysis and indigestion while psychological is loss of self-esteem, anxiety, powerlessness. It can result in suicide if the person cannot bear tit any more. Many cases have been reported for women committing suicide due to violence from their spouses. Women can also have reproductive difficulties due to torture and the stress that they cannot persevere. Effects are not only physical but also psychological.

The violence on women can also spill over to unborn children or young ones who will be so vulnerable to hard situations. Men who are mainly the cause of domestic violence appear to be tolerant and persevering if the woman is assaultive, women will always strive to persevere their husbands causing other effects on their bodies and mind.

According to a research conducted by American journal of psychiatry, women are more depressed than men are. In the research, they tried to establish the reason why women are more prone to depression, and why they cannot stand problems that would lead to depression.

While women are, the ones exposed to a stressful life, like housing problems, loss of a close friend, hardship and problems getting along with individuals in their sphere of life, and sickness of those close to them, men constantly reported high rates of stressful life events: termination of employment, legal suites, raid, and occupation problems. Men find it hard to bear the effects of divorce, separation and occupational stress; on the other hand, women can find it hard to cop individuals in their spheres of life. In both samples, men reported considerably more recurrent exposure event with more eventualities on employment related (termination of employment and difficulties in the work environment) and law/bloodshed-related (stealing and legal problems) constraints. The most famous is that men’s aggression and assault was among the same sex. Men display high rate of job loss, no more than they are employed more frequently, but this could not entirely give a reason to the male excess of work trouble. Males in adolescent are reported to be involved in more theft; their poor life and demands to portray a certain image compels them to steal, failure to acquire whatever they desired due to the lack of money leads them to theft. Men find themselves in an awkward situation when they cannot provide money for their families; a man whose employment has been terminated can resort to the drug abuse. Whenever a family man encounters a problem, he will proceed with or without the support of the spouse and try whatever means to fix it without giving in to the situation easily; women are known to run away from their spouses whenever a problem strikes. They will either advice the man to call it a quit, and leave a stress-free life or leave the man to bear his cross. In a situation where the woman and the man are both poor, the woman will face the situation and will stand by the husband, as he tries any way out. There is no conflicting gender difference for six stressful life events, and no steady outline of gender differences in the rate of occurrence: financial problems, marital problems, sickness, ailment of a partner, and problems living together with others and death of an individual in proximity. Other three events assault, divorce or separation, and death of confidant, men registered higher rates of the same sex issues (Schneider 498).


From the above, every human has a point in life that calls for perseverance; the rich are forced to support the poor and endure poor financial time in the quest to maintain their wealth. The poor are prone to giving up when faced by a challenge; this does not make them pursue their interests. When the rich takes up the poor, they realize their dreams and learn how to persevere. There is a significant difference in how the genders persevere to situations, men have proved to be strong and enduring, unlike women who throw the towel in easily and live in desperation like drug addicts. Men only follow their own afflictions to the end. Women are full of compassion, and will take up the burden of others and carry through with them. In a family situation most women in history have always left their husbands in a trouble, and found comfort elsewhere. They would opt for a shorter way of getting out of a problem without considering the repercussions. Friends and people in the inner family circle always discourage one from the continual perseverance; since they feel there is a lot of trouble. If a person gives up on doing something, whatever the future has, will be not worth suffering. People, who have persevered and came out strongly, either shunned advice or lived in solitary. When People come together to undertake a given task, they will support one another in perseverance to hit a given mark.

For a person to persevere difficulties, one should have focused on and understand that after the persistence to accomplish a task. The circumstances facing a person can be quite overwhelming, but when a person is grounded and rooted on the firmly set principles, the possibility of giving in is limited. Passion for the responsibility also affects their reaction to a problem; men are so passionate on undertaking the set projects. With growth in industrialization and women empowerment, women have developed a passion for standing for projects, even if they are alone.

The Difference in Perseverance. Custom The Difference in Perseverance Essay Writing Service || The Difference in Perseverance Essay samples, help

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