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Administering a Computer Network. Custom Administering a Computer Network Essay Writing Service || Administering a Computer Network Essay samples, help

This is a network management tutorial that teaches readers to administer their network. Individuals can use this tutorial to acquire knowledge that is vital for them to have an effective management of their networks system and more so, make sure it is secure and free from any external attacks. Clearly elaborated, the writers breaks down the tutorial into different parts so that it is easy to read and understand the content and by so doing, the readers can easily digest the information being passed and in the end put in into constructive use in their own organizations.

The tutorial teaches on how to secure a network in that it should have complex passwords that cannot be cracked by ill intentioned individuals who have the capability to change or use that data they have acquired for the wrong or unintended purpose. Users should be reminded from time to time how important strong passwords are to the security of the organization (Rao et. al., 1997). There is also a trouble shooting guide that substantiates with ease the process of troubleshooting a system to determine and correct the problems that are prevalent in it. The passwords for a system should be complex and be updated regularly so that in case an individual has got access to this system, it is short lived.

The organization server should be highly protected from entry to and only top individuals in the organization should be granted access so that it is known who has access to the servers. The organization data should be restricted in a way that these data disks should be well stored and in cases they are tempered with they should be recoverable; back up for any organization data is essential so that in case individuals intrude and damage the primary data, there is another option.

The tutorial also teaches the importance of an operating system. How it is installed from a CD and run to the complete process. Also, it should be protected and managed by the use of anti-virus software that is readily available in the market. The protect the system from viruses and other malicious programs designed to tamper with other systems and in worse cases, steal information from the users system and send to the original programmer of that virus. The antivirus software uses the signature database for signature matches when scanning processes or files (Solomon, 2011).

This tutorial is essential to many organizations that have vital data to keep and company secrets protection. Any system in an organization should be kept in adherence with this tutorial in that IT firms have good knowledge of this. Companies that have a network to protect will get this tutorial useful and more so small organization that do not have well equipped IT managers that have substantial information.

From my personal view, managing a network system is very vital to an organization and its essence in today’s work given the use of IT, is becoming largely appreciated. All company information can be kept in a safe house within the network and if it not effectively managed, employees can be naughty enough to steal or damage the organizations data or use it for self gain. This tutorial is therefore very essential and has all good reasons for being read.

It is the best way to convey this information in that by being over the internet, the tutorial can be accessed by many individuals or readers at the same time. There is non-rivalry when reading this and everyone reading this can have a clear understanding on what is being elaborated. It is written a simple language that is understood to every reader.

Administering a Computer Network. Custom Administering a Computer Network Essay Writing Service || Administering a Computer Network Essay samples, help

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