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A five years evolution in the field of computer technology is quite a long time. The amount of inventions and the changes in the way people uses computers cannot be ignored. Computer technology is a sector which is experiencing massive growth and a high evolution rate. This means that the users need to stay updated to keep up with the changing trends and technologies. Old technologies are being replaced by new ones. Tasks previously complicated are being simplified and efficiency in performing various tasks is being enhanced. Firms and individuals willing to adopt the changing trends are gaining an upper hand to the competitors. This essay will examine the evolution of computer usage and dependence in comparison with five years ago.

The introduction of various technologies brought in a major revolution in the way people use computers. Five years ago people used to browse for books and buy them online both as a hard copy or soft downloaded copy. Today, there are literally hundreds of iPads applications on sale and VOOK accelerated the technology by introducing an integrated approach to the books technology, VOOK allow the interaction of the readers with the authors and the interaction amongst the readers. The question as to whether the hassle instigated by their introduction was worth it can be answered by the impacts that the publishing companies are experiencing. Those who embraced the predictions already have an advantage over the ones trying to adjust to the situation now. The need for the publishers to comply with the emerging trends is therefore inevitable rest they risk going out of business.

The technology has changed the traditional shopping patterns and methods way. Five years ago, most of the shopping was done by a customer physically visiting a real shop. Today the trend is changing. It is estimated that by the end of 2012, more than 15% of the United States retail shopping will be carried out online. The number of online shoppers has gone up thus pointing to the need for the traders to adopt this new technology. Most indicators are pointing out the possible acceleration of the growth of the trend. The new emerging trends are opening up the new business opportunities while threatening the existence of others. This revolution highlights the importance of aligning and anticipating the possible effects of emerging technologies (Boone & Kurtz, 2010).

The introduction of tablets changed the way people live. Today liquid visual display has been developed to be light, and the costs owing to the economies of scales are going down. This has seen the transformation in the classroom settings. Five years ago, teaching tools are different from the way they are today. The use, teaching methods have been modified to suit the changing patterns. Ignorance of the prediction from the five years trends would have seen the learning institutions being left back by the emerging technology.

The use of technology has as well restructured the production techniques. New technologies are being adopted which have the potential to give the competitors an upper hand. Therefore the hassle to stay ahead of the competitors is vital.

Social forums have become vital marketing platforms. The number of subscribers on the social media sites has been growing rapidly. Five years ago analysis of the effective marketing strategy would not have yielded the same results as today. Marketers therefore were faced with the tasks of strategizing newer marketing strategies in line with the newly emerging trends.


Earlier predictions had pointed out the fact that computers had the potential to invade all the aspects of life. Literally almost all activities ranging from business, manufacturing, entertainment, and navigation were all indicated to be dependent on the technology in the years to come. This came to a reality. A recent past of five years has seen various emergences of new technologies. The new technologies are so versatile, they emerge and within no time they spread and become part and parcel of the lifestyle. It is therefore clear that within a short time, technological innovations can completely change and alter the way we think.    

Technology Today. Custom Technology Today Essay Writing Service || Technology Today Essay samples, help

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