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In a world of increasing numbers and rising complexities that demand creation of physical and virtual proximity, technology remains the only answer. Technology has made the modern times bearable and granted convenience in many occasions. Despite this relief, the twenty first century must look for a different technology, a technology that does not alter the ecosystem and environment detrimentally, one that is an improvement of what is currently attainable.This paper discusses three such technology innovations, made within the last two years and which indicate consciousness to these demands.

The Wave Disk Engine

Perhaps the combustion engine has remained the most enduring innovation despite its shortcomings in efficiency and environmental effects. There is a relief through the development of the Wave Disk engine at Michigan State University. The new engine works in similarity to the combustion engine by combining air and fuel, however, unlike the native engine, which relies on ignition and compression, wave disk contains a disk opening, alternating in opposite ways. The combination of fuel and air produce shock waves during the rotation that lead to the creation of pressure, while ignition ensures the continuation and the creation of electricity. The wave disk is among other things likely to reduce the size of the conventional engine by over a third, because it contains no pistons, no extensive cooling systems among other components that increase a vehicle’s weight (Demorro, 2011).

This technology promises by over 20% lighter motor vehicle, better gas mileage, due to the cut down weight and longer drive hours. It reduces pollution through low fuel emission, because its hybrid engine utilizes a much higher percentage of fuel instead of releasing it. Another milestone in this technology is multiple gas usage; the hybrid will run on either hydrogen or normal gasoline. Indeed this technology, projected to be ready by 2013 could be a revolution in giving a highly awaited innovation (Nierdermeyer, 2011).

Organ Care System

There can be no rejoicing if an invention of the modern times does not contribute towards better health of the generation. In the line of health and medicine a breakthrough technology, coded OCS (Organ Care System) is the evidence of the correlation of technology and health. This system, though previously half completed, allows doctors to store a human heart in shape, awaiting a transplant. The most critical importance is that it enables detection of potential flaws in the donors’ heart and realization of possible tissue miss-match. This new technology means a healthier future. A donors’ heart can be shelved longer, awaiting transplant, since currently a heart is only kept for four hours after donation before transplantation (Zemanta, 2011).

Artificial Intelligence

Progress from the existing to the new is the yardstick of the development of any nation. The world of computers has been on a race to replicate the human mind, or rather, to create a resemblance of man that is better in skills. However, little progress has been done in the field of Artificial Intelligence since the victory of Deep Blue over number one World Chess player. The invention of Watson, an artificial intelligence system by IBM and its subsequent triumph at the show Jeopardy is a huge technological step. It is a computational machine capable of interpreting data into a logical end using some human form. The machine outdid two top champions of the Jeopardy show. This definitely means that we are heading to a period where our concerns will be the development of new ideas, not memorization old ones (Khalil, 2011).


Technology means sustenance of the present life in its most enjoyable form using every bit of knowledge to make it a better place. Sometimes technology is a creation of its own, complementing the existing universe. The last two years have had a better share of this work of the mind leading to the projection of an affluent future. 

New Modern Technologies. Custom New Modern Technologies Essay Writing Service || New Modern Technologies Essay samples, help

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