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These are side effects which result from the patient being light sensitive. This is occasioned by the poor healing of the surface of the cornea, infection, allergy or toxic reaction to post treatment eye drops. Ghost images may also occur.

Diffusion Lamellar Keratitis (DLK)

This is an inflammation which may occur between the cornea flap and the underlying corneal stroma. It rarely occurs but it is associated with white deposits underneath the flap of the cornea. It is therefore important that you keep the surface between the corneal flap and the underlying corneal stroma as clean as possible to avoid getting this inflammation.

History of Lasik technology

Socio-cultural impact of LASIK Technology

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Any technological object comes with its effects to a given society. Before the technological object is put into use, there are many researches done on its impact to the society. For the case of LASIK technology, it is better for the patient to be aware of the impacts of using such technology and the side effects that may be associated with using this technology. So a comprehensive consultation and medical eye examination are of the essence. This is to be done by a qualified and experienced doctor who is able to give a careful clinical evaluation and discussion concerning the operation using LASIK technology (

Lasik technology has given sight to many but like any other technology, it is faced with a number of risks and complication when no proper consultation takes place prior taking the operation. This includes under correction. This is where prescription of the patient is not fully corrected.


Once the correction has been made successfully, there is no need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. It might be costly to do such an operation but compared with the number of times the patient has to replace the eyeglasses or contact lenses. For instance, eyeglasses are usually replaced every year and depending on the type of contact lenses, the replacement can be very costly. This technology will be of much savings.


It is always better to be dependent on your own eyes than depend on contact lenses or eyeglasses to aid you in your daily chores. It will be of inconvenience if one goes about his daily chores and forgets his eyeglasses at home. This will make the person unable to do any job until he gets his eyeglasses, which is not the case with using your eyes which are working properly. Terefore it is much convenient to use your own eyes than depend on the aid of eyeglasses or contact lenses. In addition, if the glasses get broken while you doing your job, it will force you to arrange for immediate replacement which means that you have to see your doctor immediately and this will lead to abandoning the job at hand and going to seek treatment or replacing your broken eyeglasses.

Improved health standards

Use of eyeglasses is a health hazard in itself. For instance, it is so risky if one has an accident and the glasses break and injure the eye. This will result to more harm than necessary and therefore it is advisable for one to regain his sight through the correction of the problem using the Lasik technology which will eliminate the use of the eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Better eye sight

Lasik technology has made it possible for many patients to regain their normal eye sight and eliminate the use of contact lenses or eyeglasses and this has led to many having better eyesight as compared to the use of eyeglasses every time one wants to perform his job. It is very important thing to use one’s eye in doing the daily jobs than to rely on the help of eyeglasses. Sometimes the use of eyeglasses may be deceiving in making informed or better judgment. For instance, it is risky to use eyeglasses while driving at night as compared to using own eyes.

Perception of Lasik technology

Many people would be happy to get rid of the burden of wearing their eyeglasses but at the same time they have the fear of having the laser procedure being done to them. In that sense it is difficult for such new technology to be put into place. Many people did not want the procedure done to them as they were never sure whether the technology really worked. It really took a lot of time for the procedure to be accepted by many as people had no idea how it worked and whether it was really realistic that such treatment was possible (

Through many successful procedures, lots of people have come to embrace this technology and more people now prefer being operated and get rid of the burden of carrying their eyeglasses while doing their day to day chores as this eliminated the risk and inconveniences caused by over relying on these glasses.

Lasik technology has faced criticism as well. According to the document, published by the, which tried to compare the Lasik industry with the tobacco industry in attempt to access its impact to the society. Thousands of lives have been wrecked bby Lasik. This mostly happens when wrong judgments are made regarding the best method procedure to solve a problem in eyesight of an affected patient (Matthew 15). In such a case, there have been lots of cases of unnecessary, harmful, irreversible surgeries that have been done in an effort of marketing the industry. Although the Lasik industry representatives have tried to stifle free speech regarding Lasik eye collection techniques and the potential risks associated, little has been said about the long term adverse effects, the campaigns of harassment, background investigations, surveillance, publication of personal identification, character assassination and the malicious law suits against Lasik critics. The perception of Lasik technology has been based only on marketing hype and testimonials from happy patients. However, accounts of patients who suffer visual impairments, depilating dry eyes and diminished life quality after the Lasik surgery has not been adequately addressed.

A PhD and a former FDA official named Morris Waxler played a key role in the FDA approval of Lasik lasers. He clearly stated that there are Lasik associated risks. It took place after learning the widespread adverse effect of the Lasik procedure. In his testimony he reviewed that data obtained from Lasik clinical procedures and trials, which have included newer laser technology, have revealed true incidences of complications. This is inclusive in the overall data which covers approximately twenty percent of the overall reporting of the technology failure to meet the safety requirements for approval (


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The Lasik technology is a better experience to those who have had a successful procedure. It is therefore important that the technology be widely used and a mechanism be put into place to educate people about its success. If this fear of undergoing the procedure of laser surgery is accepted by many, then the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses will be highly reduced.  The authorities responsible for this procedure should also ensure that qualified personnel is allowed to perform the procedure to avoid quacks from getting involved in making many people fear this procedure if there are increased cases of failures in the part of the surgeons (McDonald, Herbert & Kaufman 145).

The benefits of laser surgery should be communicated effectively to the patients prior to the surgery hence making the patients trust the surgeon who is to operate on them. This will ensure that more and more patients will be ready to face the procedure with full trust, the operation will be successful and they will be able to regain their sight back (Erie 66).

Double Vision. Custom Double Vision Essay Writing Service || Double Vision Essay samples, help

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