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Ed Zander as the newly appointed CEO of Motorola company was intended to put new blood into the company system. He was to take a total operation on the company and make sure that the company regains its lost glory in the market. Despite Motorola's rigorous controls, a product occasionally falls short in one test or another (Pride et. al 267). Over time, Nokia and Samsung companies have overtaken Motorola in communications market and according to Zander, accountability and execution and speed was what ought to be used to regain the company position. Having previously worked for Sun Microsystems, Ed Zander is described as a no-nonsense and execution oriented leader. He truly brought changes in the Motorola Company and his first action on arrival was to restructure the executive suite by knocking down the wooden-paneled walls and moving his desk to a small interior space.

Several problems were in the way of Motorola and among them was the fact that he had to lay off a good number of staff after consultations with his executive. Also, it was the duty of Zander to correct the injured reputation of the company that had been tainted to having unreliable products. Among his achievements as CEO are that he introduced two sleek and high-profile cell phones; the Razr and Slvr. In addition to the two, a multimedia device; the Q, contains smart phone technology and notebook computer functionality which help it to compete with the blackberry in the market. In the NYSE Motorola trades by the symbol name MOT. Coming to Motorola as CEO, Zander replaced Chris Galvin a grandson of the founder of the company and tells us that he was truly a manager. To date his efforts have been fruitful.

Accountability is vital for the success of the company as individuals liable can be easily traced. Zander is a tough CEO and every manager should straight his work to make sure that he takes control of the company he manages. Another lesson that clearly comes out in this video is that market for telecommunication devices is highly competitive and companies lay down strategies to retain and gain market share.

Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Clarence Otis the CEO of Darden Restaurants expresses his opinion and talks of his life right from the poor neighborhoods of Los Angeles to the helm of success at the company. He grew up as young man in the ghetto and his parents would not allow him to get to gang life. It is with this that his parents took him to school and after finishing college he went on to graduate with a law degree from Stanford University. Despite having acquired the law degree, Otis was more interested in finance than in law and this pushed him to use the knowledge he had acquired in the early age when he worked as janitor and a server at a restaurant at the Los Angeles International Airport.  He had learnt lessons when relating to many people in his early work and risen up to be among the most respected CEOs. With his earnings, Darden has improved its financial position and earnings and more so by putting down strategies to accommodate different diversity in the company. The company has one thousand four hundred outlets and among them are the Red Lobster and Olive Garden. The company is listed in the NYSE and it goes by the name DRI. We measured the company on its performance against stated goals (Cobbs and Turnock 287).

From the video we learn that diversity should be embraced in every company and management should keep focus in order to achieve success. Also, it is vital to take anything we do in life seriously because one day in life it might have a meaning. This is manifested in that Otis experience as a server has propelled him as a successful manager.

Universal Music Group

Doug Morris is the CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), a company that has risen to the helm of the music content company in the world. It offers a variety of products namely; a broad range of music and largely downloadable options. Having previously been fired from Warner Music Group, as a result of internal corporate wars for power, he was hired by UMG because they saw potential in him. He injected a strategy when running the company by starting to charge customers small amounts when they downloaded and streamed videos. The idea of charging customers was very fruitful for the company earning it an approximated $5oo million per year having originated when his grandson showed him how easy it was to download music from the internet. Morris had a lot of experience to handle his new appointment and challenges that faced him as CEO. He was to face the challenge of Copyrighting and protecting music and videos; a problem that faced many music companies. As a manager he used the available technology to his advantage and went forward to selling downloadable ring tones to cell phone users. UMG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi.

From the video, we learn that an effective manager taken any opportunity available to him and makes sure that he has minimum risk haunting his organization. It is the duty of the CEO to come up with strategies to handle the company progress. Technology is essential for the success of any organization in today’s life and should therefore be embraced by companies to keep a competitive advantage over the other companies. Today technology has created a world of dazzling progress, growing disparities of wealth and poverty, and looming threats to the environment (Headrick 179).

Motorola. Custom Motorola Essay Writing Service || Motorola Essay samples, help

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