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Growth in technology. Custom Growth in technology Essay Writing Service || Growth in technology Essay samples, help

Growth in technology

Growth in technology has in recent years posed a number of challenges to many people around the world including business. Amazingly, technology is all over and no one can evade these challenges and threats it posses in the society today. Cash transaction in business is one sector which received a boost by the introduction of ATM machines to facilitate banking services and others like shopping. With the upcoming of credit cards, the world of cash became a global institution where one can carry out cash transactions from any destination in the world including access of hard cash and even online shopping. This advancement was welcomed by hackers and other cyber criminals as an opening towards accessing peoples’ account details without their knowledge. Consequently, individuals and companies have incurred loss of cash unknowingly, calling for the awareness credit scams. This paper therefore is a reflection on consumer debt and how one can react towards credit scams and people that fraud the collection of credit.

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By definition, consumer debt refers to the balance of money owed by consumers. It is also described in macroeconomics as the balance used in payment of consumption expenses and not investment. There have been arguments that consumer debt is aimed at increasing domestic production with the assumption that as long as consumers have access to credit, then accumulated debts could be settled. Unlike funds meant for investment and expansion of business plans, consumer debt is aimed at ensuring smoothness and enjoyment in the lives of individuals throughout the year. Consumer debts however earn interests depending on the terms and conditions agreed upon regarding interest rates (DioGuardi). As a result, consumers may find themselves paying more than expected. They may also find it hard to settle the balance after along period of time leading to loss. Credit card consumer debt is one of the most common types of consumer debt. This is because of the high interests it offers and convenience due to growth in technology.

The main challenge has always been on business people offering consumer credit services. It is important to note that failure of a customer to settle his/her outstanding debts is a loss to the business. It is quite discouraging when customers fail to comply with set terms and conditions (Books and Cook 49). As a business person it is important to have well established legal covering of the business defining terms and conditions for consumer debt services and the actions taken against those who fail to meet them. Concerning credit scams, it is important or special measure to be put in place to deal with identity theft and internet fraud. Business systems have to be well protected in order to deal with credit scams and customers that are frauding collection of credit. When these happen, it should not be a discouragement but a source of challenge to improve the security of the business.

Growth in technology. Custom Growth in technology Essay Writing Service || Growth in technology Essay samples, help

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