Social Stratification Analysis

Ranking of people into different social classes is in our daily basis. Even if we do not want to admit it, we all do it. We all divide the world in different categories of people.

Social stratification and the way of it’s mobility is a highly investigated issue this days. Class Stratification is dived into : Environmentalism,  Racism (biological Darwinism), Social Darwinism, Structural theory. Almost form each of this boxes people in the world can go to another thanks the mobility which is given by the structural theory of stratification. If someone’s IQ is high enough or he has really a big talent he can migrate from the poorest class in to the privileged one. Unfortunately some people cant take a step into that mobility because of the biological Darwinism, we still have a lot of racist who will close the doors before an Indian or a Black man. Furthermore there are even countries in which it not possible to change your life status. Like India. The people of India believe that you are born into a class in which you belong. This was decided before you were born and you do not have any chance of getting into another way of life. According to their religion, Hinduism, only a reincarnation can help you with that. 

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The world dreams about Utopia, about equal social statutes for everyone. But actually the only one who dreams about it are the poor one. The people of the lower classes. They dream about even life for everyone. The upper classes do not want that. They are adjusted to fill privileged and this will be gone by making everyone equal. To say it strait : who will worship them ,and work for them if everyone will become equal? Does it mean that have to take care about a lot of thing themselves? This is actually a very scary question for those who posses really match. The more you own, the more you do not want to loose it. Even those who got to the upper classes thankfully to  their talents and success in economic, don’t want to become again unknown.

The image of United States which was created all over the world that praising the freedom and promising the equality to all of the people is the most lure for the people who actually will become slaves. This PR that is cherished all over the world known as an American dream attracts the most miserable’s of the world. Unfortunately the promises that are given thru the politic system and shown by mass media do not wider upon all the immigrant that come to United States. Therefore all the future perspectives are actually only a mirage comparing to that what waits for them actually.

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