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Gay marriage is a critical and sensitive that everyone ought to be careful when engaging in discussions about it. Whether or not to let gay marriages flourish in society is a personal issue that groups and organizations ought to avoid, unless political games and mere religious battles are at play. In America, people exist as conservative and liberal clusters. When it comes to gay marriages, the two outfits engage in verbal and non-verbal battles, in support and opposition of the matter. Whereas the liberals strongly urge people to accept homosexual marriages, their conservative counterparts always stand firm in disregard of such arrangements on the precipice of defending the traditional marriage institution. In this paper, I seek to express my views in support of gay marriages and why they ought to attain acceptance in the society.

People keep confusing between two fundamental terms: marriage and family. A family is the most fundamental unit of society, which comprises of father, mother and children. Such an arrangement may exist regardless of whether there is marriage or not at all. The principle of marriage has its main anchor as love. This means that marriage should occur between or among those individuals who have unquestionable hunger of closeness among them. For the entire process to qualify as marriage, the parties concerned have to make up their mind to live together so that they can enjoy one another’s presence. Whether or not they get children and start a family together is none of the principles of marriage; otherwise barren people should have no place in marriage.

Marriage between two people should occur because of love. Men can love their fellow men, and the same can happen to women. Why should it sound absurd for them to live together? It is necessary to understand that accepting such arrangements would give gays and lesbians the freedom to live freely like other people. In addition, this would increase child adoption rates to help destitute children all around the world who need parental care since homosexuals cannot give procreate. Besides, accepting gay marriages would lead to happy marriages leading to healthy relationships of same-sex individuals (Sullivan, 2011). After all, all individuals enjoy the protection of the constitution which gives everyone the freedom to pursue happiness.

The conservatives’ view about marriage is that this is an institution between a man and a woman. They portray the whole arrangement as a means of procreation. They also say that allowing gay marriages is destruction of societal morals (Bennet, 2011). Essentially, this is a religious point of view. What they fail to understand is that the society consists of the religious and the non-religious. Are the religious people going to impose their values and beliefs on the non-religious individuals? This is unacceptable because the law separates church from state and asserts the need to respect one another. People are equal in spite of their creed, race or color. Why should they be unequal a result of their sexual orientation?

Presently, there are a number of battles in the form same-sex marriages. One critical case is the Proposition 8 versus Defense of Marriage Act. This case is already before the high court and people are full of expectations regarding the outcome of the court ruling. Proposition 8 is in advocacy for legalizing of same-sex unions in the state of California. The constitution is clear about people freedom and rights. The Defense of Marriage Act contravenes the constitution because it discriminates against same-sex marriage. In short, the Defense of Marriage does not allow same-sex marriages. This is unacceptable, in my view, and the Supreme Court of the land should rule in favor of Proposition 8. It should not only restrict the ruling on California but also other states within the United States. This is a free country for free Americans and everyone else.

Gay Marriages Criticism. Custom Gay Marriages Criticism Essay Writing Service || Gay Marriages Criticism Essay samples, help

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