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Social scientists engage in the study of the society and human behavior through a number of avenues and from different perspectives. This may include the pyramids of group formations and political, social, religious, and even economic institutions. It is essential to recognize that human beings interact within diverse contexts. Aspects such as origin and expansion of social groups, conflict resolution in groups and the daily routine that people engage in are important indications to social scientists. In other words, social scientist have in the past appeared to heavily rely on conflict, functionalist, and symbolic interactionalist social  perspectives while conducting their field research and coming up with conclusions. The field of social science is relatively broad; hence social scientist often chose to work with three social perspectives.

What appears to interest social scientists is the idea that all three perspectives bring a very unique means of understanding the social aspects of the world and human behavior.  It is no doubt that they are all different in terms of their hub of inquiry. They also differ with regard to the questions that they seek to answer, the means by which they approach their search for truth and by extension, the research methodology that they employ. However, social scientists find the three perspectives well linked and highly related and that explains why they prefer using them and have over the past heavily relied on them. Social scientists try to see the relationship between the three views, and if possible bridge the gap between them. Social scientist are however careful to note that all preconceived perspectives and opinions need to give way to the now more objective scientific methods of data collection and analysis.  Despite relying heavily on sociological perspectives, social scientists are objective with regard to opening up to upcoming ideas in social and cultural scenarios. They are thus employing statistics and analytical skills in data recording and gathering.

Social Science Issues. Custom Social Science Issues Essay Writing Service || Social Science Issues Essay samples, help

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