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How has the Development of Space Power Impacted the Theories of Air Power, Sea Power, and Land Power?

The development of space power was meant to have positive impacts on sea, land, and air, but this was not the case with the dawn of the 21st century in particular. Before the 21st century, space power supported land, sea, and air operationally and strategically. Sea power and land power were more relied on in times of war, but currently space has taken over this task.

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When it comes to land power, it was the grand strategy that was used during the world wars as Hart puts it. Many of the military operations were carried out within the land, even storage of the major weapons took place on land. This grand strategy, however, has shifted to space power investments as it is clearly seen with the Obama administration. Land military operations are still highly relied on today, but not as much as space power.  Land power has also been heavily relied on in military communications. Space power, however, has taken over these activities because of the technological advancements in this field.      

A fact that cannot be denied is that air power really revolutionized the conduct of warfare. Air power had a great impact on space and sea power as Friedman explains. Since many technological shifts have been made to space power, there is a great possibility that advancements in space power will surpass the ones in air power. In addition, some of the developments in space power, as Friedman puts it, may be fatal to air power. The future of air power may be weaker compared to its past, and this will be brought about by space power.

Considering Future Fiscal Constraints, what Capabilities should the American Military, Particularly the USAF, Emphasize to Most Effectively Contribute to the Strategy Laid out in the January 2012 Strategic Guidance “Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense?”

There are different capabilities that the American military should emphasize to contribute to the strategy laid out in the January 2012 strategic guidance. These capabilities are broadly categorized into four categories, including control of space, global engagement, full force integration, and global partnerships. These are crucial in implementing the laid down vision.

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To begin with, building global partnerships is one of the capabilities that need to be put to use. This will be crucial in sharing costs and responsibilities in order to enhance global leadership. There are strongly growing nations found in Latin America, Asia, and Africa that the American military forces will need to partner with so that they can work together under a common vision, prosperity, and stability. In East Asia, there are nations with remarkable levels of development that the American military will link with to create more opportunities and overcome the existing challenges. In addition, links with the nations in East Asia will boost economic growth, which is a key requirement in working towards the laid down vision. The American military will also focus on sharing of space-based information.

The partnership will depend on various factors with the major one being dramatic economic growth in order to protect the allies. This will also mean advancements in space systems which will entirely rely on the commercial sector. The military will also need to increase its spending to meet the global requirements for beneficial and future-oriented partnerships. Multinational operations and alliances will have to increase in numbers in order to foster globalization. Global partnerships will be crucial in solving many constraints that have hit the American military in the past together with creating opportunities for other militaries through increased information sharing.

Full force integration is another capability that will be required. This will be achieved by integrating space forces and information related to land, sea, air, and space power. This will be a key player in ensuring that the right information will get to the right people and at the right time. Integration will be strategically used in planning, exercises, operations, and training. A system’s approach will be required for proper integration. Professionals will be required in organizations to enhance full innovation. Full integration is a capability that will work towards promoting peace and increasing flow of commerce. This will work with integration of some key players in the global economy such as India and China.  

The third capability is control of space, which will simply mean the ability to assure access to space, ability to deny and allow activities of those who use the space, and the operations that will be carried out in space. Joint operations will only work out effectively with the total control of space. Since there are different objectives that are set under the vision, they will only be met with effective control of space. The different American military investments in space can only be secured and protected through control of space. Space control is very crucial; however, it may be very challenging as it will require more spending.

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The last capability the American military will need to consider is global engagement. This one is most closer to global partnership; however, it will require global surveillance and global precision strike capability. In the Middle East there are nations that have been a threat to international peace; thus, such nations will need to be closely scrutinized and monitored. This will also be done by getting them engaged; thus, they would not engage in the operations that could be a threat to other nations. Global engagement will require enhancement of existing land, sea, and air missions. This will be done through the use of space force application systems. There are some existing space force application systems in different nations, which will all be brought together in order to come up with complex space application systems.

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