Home Bound

Over the years, it has been found that most of the world’s wealthiest women have a tendency of dropping out of their work stations and deciding to concentrate their energies on looking after their kids. The New York Times magazine featured an article exploring the reasons why women were relinquishing their position in the job industries to their male counterparts. The article was titled ‘Many Women at Elite College Set Their Career Path to Motherhood’. A columnist of the Times magazine by the name Maureen Dowd also featured another article titled ‘What’s a Modern Girl to Do’ in the Times magazine. Her article elicited furious reactions as the majority felt offended by it. The management had to feature a clarity article explaining the basis upon which Maureen’s article was pegged. This paper summarizes the key points of the various researches carried out towards these claims and critiques it giving a view over the same.

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The writer of the article titled ‘Homeward Bound’ came across a book that had an analysis of the issues about women quitting their jobs to concentrate on rearing their kids.  The book had categorically stated that the majority of women who were highly educated and charged with the responsibility of empowering their fellow women who were either in the process of learning or had just completed their studies, had failed terribly in their responsibility and role of empowering the others. Several researches had found out that more women were actually going to school as compared to their male counterparts. Nevertheless, the problems arose when it came to the work place. The number of women at the various work places was lower as compared to their male counterparts. Something was amiss and the writer sought to find out the explanation why there could be more women than men in schools, yet when it came to the work places there were more men than the women.

The various research findings clearly stated that it was basically a result of the feminist idea that existed within society, even though there were several social transformations that had taken place. In the early days, the researchers found out that women were discriminated against at the various work places but as time passed on, this trend stopped. Women were found to be of a higher number as compared to their male counterparts. This was especially witnessed in the period between 1980 and 1990. More women were found to be in the senior positions of management. The majority worked on a full time basis. As time went by, certain changes were observed in the number of women at work places. By the late 90’s, the number of women in various top positions and at work places in general stated to decrease. They dropped out of their otherwise gainful employment to concentrate on family issues.

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This trend was traced to the idea that women were naturally meant to bear children and take time looking after them. Several silent campaigns were found to be carried out in the society to reinforce the mentality that the woman’s place was basically at home to care for the family. Several researches and interviews were carried out and they found that women between the age of 30 and 40 dropped from their full time jobs to start families. Others later rejoined but on a part time basis.  Most males were found to nurture an expectation that their female counterparts would naturally give up their ambitions to concentrate on family matters.

A critical analysis of the various successful women who had announced their weeding plans in the New York Times magazine revealed that a majority had actually left their jobs and concentrated on nurturing their families and close to 90% had babies. The work place was found to be hostile and discriminative to family life making most women who left their jobs to express feelings of not working again.

The family was found to be an important part of the social structure of any individual but could deter one from achieving the goals. The idea of assigning women the role of being home guards was a wrong notion. Guidance to the women in general who wanted to start a family and at the same time keep on with their work was found to be necessary. Three rules were proposed to avert such an occurrence. Women were advised to prepare themselves in the most suitable manner that would enable them to qualify for various jobs. They were then to take their jobs with a lot of seriousness as it was their source of livelihood. Either, they were to endeavor never to put themselves in positions that would disadvantage them when it came to equal opportunities when marrying.

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The various researches as enumerated by this text and the argument advanced by it that women have a tendency of dropping out of work place to concentrate on the family issues is clearly in line with the occurrences of our daily life. In the current society, most women tend to advance their education only to realize that the heaviest responsibility of looking after the family falls on them, thus they have to sacrifice their careers for the good of the families.

In conclusion, the topic of the text ‘Home Bound’ clearly defines the fate that befalls most women in the work place and the society at large. To solve this problem, the society has to change its mentality on the role of women and devise ways in which the responsibilities of looking after the family can be shared between women and men on an equal basis.

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