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Hotel Numbers is a middle status hotel that has been stagnating over the tima as far as customer services and ratings are concerned. The management team of the hotel appeared to be aware of the fact that things were not working well and the fact that it was just a matter of time that the hotel would drop in performance drastically. The management team was in a big dilemma with regard to the hiring process and lots of other aspects including personnel management. The biggest issue of this hotel was that the employees who were charge of the customer services lacked leadership and motivation. The employees with supervising position were sort of having inadequacy in terms of the required personality traits.

It must be appreciated that the history of man and the world does not leave out the aspect of leadership. In fact, the history covers a biography of most great men who exhibited great leadership abilities (Northouse, 2010). This hypothesis in the history of man succeeded in shaping of what is known today as the trait theory of leadership (Northouse, 2010). This assumption means that leadership is a function of certain personality qualities that the leader posseses. In other words, the situation in Hotel Numbers is likely to be caused by the lack of these skills (Northouse, 2010). According to Northouse (2010) there are no outright character traits that differentiate a leader from someone who is not a leader. For example, people in leadership position could perform exemplary well, being placed in different situations. The fact that they have failed when leading in Hotel Numbers does not rule out the idea that they have leadership potential (Northouse, 2010). The management team at Hotel Numbers could have made the mistake of employing individuals who were leaders in other areas and not just hotel and hospitality industry. Northouse, 2010, notes that leading individuals consistently show traits that are linked to self-direction, involvement in impressive management, knowing how to motivate their followers to achieve set goals; and they are motivated to achieve self-actualization. In other words, if a leader does not possess these qualities, there is a likelihood to have failure in the system, that hence transfers to performance and results. This is no doubt what went wrong with Hotel Numbers. Despite the fact that Northouse (2010) established that there exists a valid relationship between character’s trait and ability to lead successfully, his conclusion was a bit different. Here he highlighted the fact that leadership cannot be taken as an aspect of passive position or simply as an element of possessing certain combination of recommended character traits. Northouse (2010) instead noted that, apart from the character that an individual in a leadership position possesses, the situation of the occurrence must be looked at.

To correct the situation in Hotel Numbers, a set of things should be noted and actions taken forthwith. Any personality trait that has an impact on leadership is facilitated by the situation. Leaders that are to be employed at the hotel need not just be in possession of the relevant traits, but also should be able to lead properly in the hotel industry (Northouse, 2010). While planning to hire leaders, individuals who are flexible, self-directed, experienced in impressive management, abile to motivate those that they lead should be considered (Northouse, 2010). This way the hotel will ensure increased level of customer satisfaction and hence the high level of output in terms of profit.

Leadership Moment. Case Summary. Custom Leadership Moment. Case Summary Essay Writing Service || Leadership Moment. Case Summary Essay samples, help

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