Social Brandings

Considering the alarming extent in which undesirable consequences of negative racism spreads across the United State, there will be no State to pride in should the political fails to step up the fight against the social vice. In this way, the U.S. Congress must rise to the occasion and see to it that all the relevant laws which were once legislated to bring down the practices of racial discrimination are enforced by the Police to the letter. Additionally, children from different social and racial backgrounds should be encouraged to freely intermingle with their colleagues in schools and the neighborhoods. As such, racial inclinations to social brandings must be a thing of the past on the understanding that all are Americans no matter the race, historical background or color.

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In conclusion, Konig has done a commendable in her article, They’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught, as far as tracing the actual cause of racism is concerned. The concept of cultural diversity is mistakenly reduced by the teacher, Miss Laura, to mere differences in physical attributes such as color, ancestry and original nationality of the children. This narrow perception underscores the concrete purpose of cultural diversity which should ideally induce children from different social and cultural backgrounds first understand, appreciate and acknowledge one another. It is apparent that racism is actively taught to preschool children by Miss Laura who thinks she is promoting cultural diversity yet she is inadvertently promoting racism among the learners in the real sense. This explains why children must be carefully taught the actual concept of cultural diversity if at all racism has to be annihilated.

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