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Sexuality is an issue which has a critical impact on an individual’s standing in society. Therefore, representation of an individual’s sexuality has an impact in associating and identifying with members of society. Homosexuality has been widely misconstrued as a moral disease which must be shunned in most societies. However, shunning or persecuting homosexuals might have irreversible impacts on society. While, homosexuality is perceived as negating the principle order of things, its impact cannot be ignored. Individual sexuality notwithstanding, society requires all individuals to participate in one aspect or other in its development and growth. Therefore, acceptance of homosexuality as an individual’s sexual dispensation and the way of life should not be allowed to impact negatively on social, economic and political progress (Sciff and Alters, 145).

Consequently, the decision to adopt or shun homosexuality as a norm in society has subsequent consequences; however, whether the consequences are positive or negative towards the society’s well being depends on the decision made. People who are homosexuals could be doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, teachers, leaders and others among the various professions in the society. These individual’s have a critical impact in society. Therefore, acts of segregation and discrimination against should be viewed as acts against the society’s wellbeing (Edsall, 331). While some may question the morality of homosexuality, it is essential to recognize that sexuality is an individual choice; therefore, should not be allowed to impact the wellbeing of other members in society. However, this aspect can only be realized if homosexuality is openly accepted and recognized in society (Meier and Clinard, 60). Utility is realized when homosexuality is accepted since individuals, are able to associate and work harmoniously with people subscribing to differing sexualities.

It is critical to note that where homosexuals are shunned, there are higher cases of discrimination, abuse and conflict. As such, homosexuals are unable to participate in social or economic activities, which they may be more qualified to undertake. In such situations society suffers inferior services, losses potential benefits and critical human capital. Therefore, accepting homosexuality should not be an individual’s choice but choices made by society through social and legal frameworks, which allows homosexuals to associate, affiliate or engage themselves in any societal functions including being offered jobs, services and acceptance in any forum like any other member of society.

Acceptance of homosexuals enables the creation of an environment where change is accepted. As a result, homosexuals are incorporated into societal activities including social responsibilities like child placement and adoption.  It has been observed that, among most US families, same sex families have are happier and offer a more conducive environment for child development than traditional families (Biblarz and Savci, 486).  In light of this, it is evident that homosexuality does not influence people negatively but creates content and happy individuals or families.

The consequences of accepting homosexuality are  people who are content and satisfied with their choices, as a result, individual output in contributing to the societies well being is optimized.  Meanwhile, a decision to shun homosexuals can only lead to a divided and discontent society where people avoid one another and are unable to associate or work together. In such a scenario, the society is the ultimate loser leading to a conflicted and degrading society.

Homosexuality. Custom Homosexuality Essay Writing Service || Homosexuality Essay samples, help

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